Pokemon Unite What Each Currency Is & How to Get It

Here is how to get each currency in Pokémon Unite

Pokemon Unite is the brand-new free-to-play Pokemon MOBA out now on the Nintendo Switch. The game features a few different currencies to unlock different items like Pokemon, trainer cosmetics, and more. Here is a breakdown of each currency, how to get it, and where to use it.

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Pokemon Unite What Each Currency Is & How to Get It

Aeos Coins

First up is the Aeos Coins currency. These are obtainable through battles (up to 2100 Aeos coins per week) as well as through events and challenges.

Aeos coins can be used to purchase new Unite Licenses which permanently unlock each Pokemon for use in matches.

The Unite Licenses can be purchased in the Unite Battle Committee section of the shop.

Aeos Gems

Aeos Gems are the premium currency that is earned by spending real money. You can purchase these at any time to buy all of the items in the game. Of course, always be careful when purchasing anything for real money.

Aeos Tickets

Aeos tickets are obtained through ranked match season rewards, as well as from events and the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass becomes available once you reach Trainer Level 5. It can then be purchased for 490 Aeos Gems.

Aeos tickets are used for purchasing trainer cosmetic items from the Aeos Emporium section of the shop.

Fashion Tickets

There is a second cosmetic currency called Fashion Tickets which can be used in the Fashion Ticket Exchange section of the Aeos Emporium. These can be gained from the Energy Machine rolls.

Holowear Tickets

Holowear tickets are a form of currency obtained by rolling a Gatcha style machine in the main menu. You unlock this ability at Trainer Level 6 and will earn 30 energy per match on a win. This can then be redeemed every 100 energy for a random roll of gear or holowear tickets.

Holowear tickets are spent in the Zirco Trading section of the store. 

Those are all of the current currencies in Pokemon Unite. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out Prima Games and our official Facebook and Twitter pages.


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