Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Are Raid Encounters A Guaranteed Catch?

Do these Pokemon have a chance to break out of your Ball after a Raid?

If you’re jumping into a Raid either by yourself or with your friends by your side, knowing if you can capture a Pokemon in any type of ball can be rather important. Is a catch attempt in a Raid a guaranteed victory, or will you need to choose your capture method carefully?

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Can Pokemon Break Out in Raid Captures in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

With well over 200 hours in the game, and plenty of Raiding with friends and on my own, I have yet to see a Pokemon escape a ball, no matter how weak the ball used is.

That’s why the majority of my Raid Pokemon have been captured using Premier Balls, which are normally almost useless on the normal fields that I can roam. However, they have the same potency as a Master Ball inside of the Raids, so you’re free to use whatever you would like after defeating a monster within the Tera Dens that they reside within.

When you encounter raids in the wild, it’s hard to know what you’ll get, except for the silhouette of the Pokemon you encounter. Maybe there’s a chance that they’ll be shiny, or maybe there is a chance that they could be mighty. No matter what, being able to capture them without fail is always a great thing, especially since Raids feature a 100% Capture Rate. No matter the monster you defeat, you won’t need to worry about them breaking out of a catch attempt.

This is important, especially for those hoping to complete their Dex, since some Monsters can only be obtained through either Trading or through Raids, with Electivire being a prime example of a tradeable monster that can also be battled in a Tera Raid.

No matter if you’re a Pokemon Master, or someone just jumping into the world for the first time, we’ve got your back with our Scarlet & Violet section below. Find out which biome you should choose when starting up the Indigo Disk, and get ready for a new adventure with some classic friends when you return to the Paldean lands once again.

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