Pokemon Indigo Disk: Does it Matter Which Biome You Pick First? – Answered

Where should you choose?

Pokemon Indigo Disk screenshot of a player character standing beside Lacey in the Savannah Biome
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After partaking in your first Pokemon battle at Blueberry Academy, you’ll be tasked with your next big question: where is your favorite Biome to go Pokemon hunting? Is there a right answer or a wrong answer, and if so, where should you choose?

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Which Biome Should You Pick in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Indigo Disk?

While it may be important to pick the right Pokemon to bring to Blueberry Academy, you won’t need to worry about picking the right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a Biome in the Indigo Disk. Every choice you make will send you to the same place for your first class session at this new school: the Coastal Biome.

It’s an illusion of choice and just seems to be a great way for you to get to know the student guiding you on your exclusive tour through the school, Lacey. I tested this method out personally by first choosing the Coastal Biome, then restarting and selecting the Snowy Biome to see if it would still send me to class at the Coastal Biome, and, much to my surprise, it did. So, no need to stress here; you’ve got some battles to partake in and Pokemon to capture. Just know that you don’t need to fret too badly if you’ve made the wrong choice, as you’ll always end up in the same place.

Every Biome in The Indigo Disk

You may ultimately end up in the same Biome every time you start The Indigo Disk, but that doesn’t mean you need to follow Lacey to class immediately. Instead, you can explore the Indigo Disk’s Biomes to your heart’s content, choosing by yourself where to go and what to do first.

The Indigo Disk’s Blueberry Academy contains four distinct Biomes, each with its own weather, catchable Pokemon, and references to past games:

  • Savannah Biome: this is the Biome where you’ll start your adventure in The Indigo Disk, containing the Terarium exit to Blueberry Academy. You’ll find many Fire, Normal, and Ground-type Pokemon here that love dry heat and muddy plains.
  • Coastal Biome: this is the Biome where you’ll attend your first (and only) class in The Indigo Disk. Pokemon found here are of the tropical variety, including many Alolan forms, and you’ll find primarily Grass and Water-type Pokemon that love the sun and humidity.
  • Polar Biome: the snowy tundra Biome where you’ll find several Ice-type Pokemon that love chilly weather. This Biome also partially contains Chargestone Cavern, a reference to the same cave found in Pokemon Black and White, and houses many Electric-type Pokemon.
  • Canyon Biome: filled with rocky cliffs, you’ll find a whole lot of Geodude and Graveler here along with plenty of other Rock-type Pokemon and the occasional Bug, Dragon, and Flying-types. You’ll also find the other half of Chargestone Cavern in this Biome.

How to Upgrade Biomes in The Indigo Disk

As you play through The Indigo Disk, you’ll eventually be able to upgrade each of the four Biomes that comprise the Blueberry Academy’s Terarium. Each Biome upgrade will allow you to catch wild starter Pokemon from previous Pokemon games, and each upgraded Biome will house specific starter Pokemon that you won’t find in other Biomes.

To upgrade a Biome in The Indigo Disk, you’ll need to head to the League Club Room (accessible after completing your first few story-related tasks in The Indigo Disk) and use the PC to donate 3,000 BP to help the Terarium Club boost biodiversity. Each Biome has its own separate upgrade, meaning you’ll need a total of 12,000 BP to fully upgrade all Biomes and gain access to every wild starter Pokemon.

No matter if you’ve been playing since the start, or Scarlet and Violet were your introduction to the Pokemon franchise, the Indigo Disk’s Biomes have plenty of exciting secrets lying in wait for you. Be sure that you’re checking out our section below to be in the know of everything happening around you, and find out how you can start this new adventure.

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