Pokemon Indigo Disk: How to Get Zekrom in Scarlet & Violet

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Zekrom located on a cliff in Paldea in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk.

If you like your dragons Deep Black, you’ll want this legendary Pokemon. Here’s Zekrom’s location and how to catch it in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk.

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Pokemon Indigo Disk: How to Get Zekrom in Scarlet & Violet

For Zekrom to even spawn, you’ll need access to Snacksworth, who will only appear once you’ve completed the Indigo Disk campaign. Once you’ve done that, speak to Snacksworth at the Blueberry Academy Entrance. He’ll give you Legendary Snacks based on how many BBQs you’ve completed.

In order to get Zekrom’s snack, you’ll need to either complete BBQs solo in Pokemon Violet, or complete Group Quests with friends online if you’re playing Pokemon Scarlet. Snacksworth will hand you a random snack for every Group Quest you complete or every 10 solo BBQs you complete.

Once Snacksworth gives you the Zekrom snack at random, he’ll give you a hint about how to find Zekrom’s location by telling you a story involving an experience he had. For Zekrom, Snacksworth tells us that he saw it while walking from Mesagoza to Artazon in the east. Likewise, we know that he was standing on a tall mountain when it landed.

Fortuantely, you don’t have to go searching every peak. That’s my job. Here’s Zekrom’s precise location.

Zekrom is located just to the East of South Province (Area Five) Watchtower. Land at this waypoint, then climb the mountain to the east of it.

It’s a very tall mountain, and it makes you wonder how Snacksworth got up there in the first place. Once you’re at the top, you’ll see that you can climb even higher. However, this isn’t necessary. Instead, go towards the center and slightly south, where you’ll find Zekrom.

How to Beat Zekrom in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Zekrom is a dual-type Legendary Pokemon, with Dragon and Electric-typing. That means that Ice, Ground, Dragon, and Fairy moves are all super effective against it. Likewise, you’ll encounter it at level 70.

Zekrom’s moves are as follows:

  • Thunder.
  • Fusion Bolt.
  • Thunder Bolt.
  • Hyper Voice.

However, because Zekrom is so much weaker than the Pokemon you encounter during the Indigo Disk, you might find that the real challenge is keeping him alive long enough to capture. Fire, Water, Grass, and Steel Type moves will all do half the damage. And if you want to be even more precise, you can bust out the Electric moves, which will only do a quarter of the damage.


If you want to tactifully reduce Zekrom’s health as low as possible without knocking it out, you can have one of your Pokemon use the move False Swipe. False Swipe is a Normal-type move that will always leave the target with at least 1 HP to prevent it from fainting. This move is available as a craftable TM (TM057).

Iron Hands and Archaludon were very useful at both surviving Zekrom’s attacks while also keeping his health low.

Just whittle Zekrom away until he succumbs to your barrage of Poke Balls. Or you can always just use a Master Ball on Zekrom to avoid all the fuss.

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