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Who Should You Use the Master Ball on in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? – Answered

One of the most significant decisions to make in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet is who you should use your Master Ball on.

One of the most significant decisions to make in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is how to use your Master Ball. In this guide, we’ll be helping readers and players make the decision of which Pokemon they should use the Master Ball on in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Which Pokemon Should You Use the Master Ball On in Scarlet & Violet?

You should use the Master Ball on one of the two highest-rated legendary Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, which are the cover legendaries, Koraidon and Miraidon. These two Pokemon are the hardest legendaries to capture in the game. It’s a good decision to use your Master Ball on them and make a potentially long and frustrating battle end quickly.


All legendary Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet respawn if they are KO’d. If you fail to catch any of them, you can simply beat the Pokemon League again to trigger their respawn. The DLC legendaries will respawn after waiting 30 minutes in-game time.

Use the Master Ball on the Legendaries, Koraidon, or Miraidon (Screenshot via Prima Games)

The Master Ball is the most prestigious ball of all and can be used to catch any Pokemon with no chance of failing. Aside from Koraidon and Miraidon, there are 13 additional legendaries in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and their DLC expansion. The following 11 would be great secondary options for the Master Ball:

  • Wo-Chien
  • Chien-Pao
  • Ting-Lu
  • Chi-Yu
  • Munkidori
  • Okidogi
  • Fezandipiti
  • Raging Bolt
  • Gouging Fire
  • Iron Crown
  • Iron Boulder

The two main legendaries for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero expansion, Ogerpon and Terapagos, are guarenteed catches. You can use whatever Poke Ball you’d like on these two and still catch them with a 100% success rate.

Aside from the 13 new legendaries in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the game’s Indigo Disk DLC adds a whole slate of returning legendaries from previous games. Upon meeting certain conditions, you’ll find them all over Paldea, and you’ll need to encounter and catch them as you would any other Pokemon. This makes them all primary candidates for the Master Ball as well. So if you have access to the expansion DLC, you may want to save your Master Ball for any one of your favorite legendary Pokemon.

How to Get the Master Ball in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

On Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you will receive a Master Ball after completing the final storyline mission, “The Way Home.” That means, once you’ve completed the trio of Victory Road, Starfall Street, and Path of Legends, you will be eligible for the Master Ball. 

When you conclude the story, Director Clavell will request that you meet in his office, and you will have to make your way to the Uva Academy to meet him. Once there, he will reward you with the Master Ball.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | Master Ball Obtained
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Can You Get More Master Balls in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet?

Yes, you can get more than one Master Ball in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet, but you only get one in the base game. You can get multiple Master Balls in the Indigo Disk DLC. Upon defeating the Blueberry Academy’s Elite Four and becoming their reigning champion, you’ll be gifted with a second Master Ball to use on whatever you’d like.

A third Master Ball will become available if you complete the Indigo Disk Pokedex. After capturing 240 Pokemon (every Pokemon available in the Blueberry Academy except for any legendary Pokemon), you’ll be able to claim a Master Ball as a Pokedex reward by pressing “X” while looking at the Blueberry Pokedex.

Players can also get Master Balls through the Item Printer in the Indigo Disk DLC. To do that, you’ll first have to print enough items to upgrade the Item Printer two times. Once you do that, every time you make an item, there’s a 1% chance you’ll get a bonus option where the next 10 items are pulled from a list of Poke Balls.


You can unlock the Item Printer shortly after arriving at Blueberry Academy by donating 200 BP to the Science Club via the PC in the League Club Room. It’ll gain the ability to print Master Balls after completing a total of 100 Prints and spending another 700 BP to upgrade the printer twice.

Each Poke Ball obtainable in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is available through this function, including the Master Ball, Beast Ball, and every acorn ball. However, all of those are exceptionally rare, with around a 1% print rate.

Players also had a chance at nabbing another Master Ball as a Mystery Gift during a special event if they were quick to act. This additional Master Ball was available to all players during the event’s three-week window in celebration of The Indigo Disk DLC’s release.

Master Ball Mystery Gift

The Master Ball Mystery Gift event for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ran for three weeks between Dec. 14, 2023 to Jan. 3, 2024. During this time, players could receive a second Master Ball by connecting to the internet and accepting the gift through the Poke Portal.

To claim the Master Ball Mystery Gift, players would have to

  1. Launch their copy of Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet.
  2. Open the in-game menu, using the X button, and select Poke Portal.
  3. Select Mystery Gift.
  4. Select Get via Internet.
  5. Select the Master Ball gift.
  6. The Master Ball would then appear in their Bag.

Keep in mind that the event’s three-week window has passed, and you won’t be able to claim the Master Ball Mystery Gift any longer. It’s possible that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will offer another opportunity in the future to get more Master Balls, but at the moment, it doesn’t seem likely.

All Types of Poke Balls in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

There are many kinds of Poke Balls to choose from to catch ‘em all in Scarlet and Violet. There are 23, to be exact. Some of the Poke Balls can be purchased at Poke Centers, Marts, or Delibird Presents, while others can be unlocked or can be found in the wild.

All Poke Balls Listed:

Poke Ball (Cost: 200)Great Ball (Cost: 600)Ultra Ball (Cost: 800)
Premiere Ball (Cost: NA)Heal Ball (Cost: 300)Net Ball (Cost: 1000)
Nest Ball (Cost: 1000)Repeat Ball (Cost: 1000)Luxury Ball (Cost: 3000)
Dive Ball (Cost: 1000)Quick Ball (Cost: 1000)Dusk Ball (Cost: 1000)
Master Ball (Cost: NA)Fast Ball (Cost: NA)Friend Ball (Cost: NA)
Lure Ball (Cost: NA)Level Ball (Cost: NA)Heavy Ball (Cost: NA)
Love Ball (Cost: NA)Moon Ball (Cost: NA)Dream Ball (Cost: NA)
Beast Ball (Cost: NA)

While there is (usually) only one Master Ball, and the Master Ball is the only Poke Ball that will guarantee a successful catch, plenty of Poke Balls are specially suited to specific situations and can make your life a lot easier when chasing after difficult-to-catch Pokemon. We recommend keeping a wide variety of Poke Balls on hand to help you catch ’em all.

If you’re on a mission to collect all the different types of Poke Balls in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and looking to get your hands on the Heal Ball, you can read: How to Get Heal Balls in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and start your collection there.

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