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A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk screenshot of Archaludon.
Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Indigo Disk: How to Get Archaludon in Scarlet & Violet

It may be a Steel-type, but this is one bridge you shouldn't burn.

The Indigo Disk DLC brings along with it a new evolution for Duraludon: Archaludon. If you want to find out how to evolve Duraludon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk, read on for everything you need to know.

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How to Evolve Duraludon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk

Duraludon will evolve into Archaludon when it’s exposed to Metal Alloy. The quickest way to obtain Metal Alloy is by buying it from the School Store for 300 BP.

To reach the School Store, press Y to open your map and use L and R to get to the Blueberry Academy map. Fly to the “Entrance,” then walk up to the gates where you would normally go to the Terrarium from. Select “School Store,” then speak to the man behind the counter to see their selection of available items. Everything at the School Store must be purchased with BP, which can be obtained by completing Blueberry Quests, or BBQs.

If you want to conserve your BP, you can also find a free Metal Alloy on the ground in the Polar Biome’s Chargestone Cave. It’s located on the upper levels beside a large blue crystal and not too far from a wild Tera Porygon.

To evolve Duraludon, simply open up your Bag, head to the “Other” item section, scroll down until you see your Metal Alloy and select it, then choose to use it on your Duraludon. There are no level restrictions on when you can use Metal Alloy, so your Duraludon will be able to immediately evolve into Archaludon no matter how much or little time you’ve spent with it.

What is Duraludon’s New Evolution in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Indigo Disk?

After being exposed to Metal Alloy, Duraludon will immediately evolve into Archaludon, a Steel/Dragon dual-type Pokemon that resembles a tiny bridge. Where Archaludon primarily differs from its pre-evolution is in its Abilities: Duraludon’s Abilities are Light Metal and Heavy Metal which both affect Duraludon’s weight in battle, while Archaludon’s Abilities are Stamina and Sturdy which both increase Archaludon’s defensive capabilities.

Of course, being an evolution of Duraludon, Archaludon also has overall higher stats than its predecessor, with significanly higher HP and defensive stats:

Special Attack120125
Special Defense5065

Archaludon also has access to more Electric-type moves than Duraludon, including Electro Shot, a new move introduced in The Indigo Disk exclusive to Archaludon as its signature move. Electro Shot takes two turns to fully execute, like Solar Beam. On the first turn, Archaludon absorbs energy and raises its Special Attack stat by one stage. On the next turn, it fires an electric beam. If the weather is rainy, Electro Shot activates entirely in one turn.

Of course, before you can evolve Duraludon into Archaludon, you’ll first need to obtain one—so next check out our guide on how to get Duraludon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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