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Pokemon Home Wonder Box – How It Works

by Nicholas Barth

There are so many Pokemon games available for players to enjoy that it can be hard to find a single home for them all. Fortunately, Nintendo has decided to fix this problem with the new Pokemon Home cloud-based service that allows players to keep all of their favorite characters from a variety of titles in one spot and transfer them over when they please. However, a Wonder Box feature in this Pokemon Home service allows Trainers to get new characters without putting in barely any effort, and we have everything you need to know about this Wonder Box covered for you.

Pokemon Home Wonder Box 

 Now, this Wonder Box feature can only be utilized on the mobile version of Pokemon Home, so make sure you have it installed on one of your mobile devices if you want to use it. This feature allows players to put characters they have in their collection into an area where they can then be replaced by other characters from random trainers from across the world. 

You can access the Wonder Box by going to the Trades option on the service’s main menu. You can then add whatever characters you like to the area and wait for them to be replaced by a character from a random player. Trainers can not get the characters put in the Pokemon Home Wonder Box back once they are gone, so you will be wise not to put any ones that you want to keep in there. Still, it is a cool way to interact with other members of the community and possibly get a creature that you have never had before in your adventures by only having to wait.

 Pokemon Home Wonder Box

Users who are using the free version of the new Pokemon storage service can only put three characters in the Wonder Box. Premium users can put ten creatures into the area at one time. 

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