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Pokemon Home Server Issues – How to Fix

by Nicholas Barth

The highly anticipated launch of the Pokemon Home cloud-based storage service has arrived. However, some members of the community have been running into what appears to be server issues that are causing the Pokemon Home mobile application to crash when they are trying to utilize some of its features. Fortunately, we have some things you can do to ease the problem that these server issues may cause you when trying to use the newly released storage system. 

Pokemon Home Server Issues

These server issues in question look to be causing the mobile app to crash when users are trying to access the news, trading, and other areas of Pokemon Home. We saw success in getting the news section to operate correctly following server issues causing it to crash on us by making sure the app was closed entirely down on our phone and then restarting it. We were then able to use the news section without any trouble at all. 

There is also a high volume of traffic coming through the app, considering its high-profile and highly anticipated release by the community to store all of their characters from multiple games in one centralized location. When it comes to avoiding server issues caused by this high level of traffic, your best bet is to wait and try to use the service later on in the day. Unfortunately, this will make you wait to use the cloud-based system you have been waiting for today to use, but it is the best solution to making sure you do not run into any server issues caused by large amounts of traffic. 

Pokemon Home Server Issues

Other users have reported that the server issues are not allowing them to connect Pokemon Home to their Nintendo account. A solution was found to be users needing to manually enter their passwords rather than having them automatically filled in by your device. 

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