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Pokemon Home Grand Oak – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

The highly anticipated cloud-based storage service of Pokemon Home is now available for Trainers from across the world to use to organize the characters they have in multiple titles in the legendary franchise. This new storage service may not be a legit game itself, but this fact has not stopped it from introducing the community to a new Professor who is easily one of the most unique ones that have been in the series. Grand Oak is this new Professor who looks like he decided to jump back in his days from the 70s and be the “rad” character who helps you out in navigating the inner workings of the new storage service. Fortunately, we have everything currently known about Grand Oak covered for you.

Grand Oak Pokemon Home

Unfortunately, there is not a great deal of information currently revealed for who exactly Grand Oak is. He does sport a resemblance to Professor Oak and could be a Grand relative of the popular character from the franchise. Grand Oak introduces himself as the “Great Pokemon Researcher, so he may be the most exceptional Professor of all time considering he oversees the Home storage service, which is where characters from all over the famous universe can inhabit.

Grand Oak Pokemon Home

There is a possibility that this Professor could play a more significant role in the franchise going forward, or he might end up being that “unique” Professor who players can visit whenever they venture into their Pokemon Home going forward. 

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