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GTS Pokemon Sword and Shield – How This Will Work

by Prima Games Staff

Global Trading in Pokemon Sword and Shield

UPDATE: Pokemon Sword and Shield no longer have GLS as noted in this article, but you can still access the same features by pressing the Y button and bringing up the online communications menu.

If you’re a Pokemon Sword and Shield player and you’ve been excited about the recent Pokemon Home announcement then you’re definitely not alone. We’ve been counting the days too until the anticipated February launch which is sooner than anyone would have expected. However, one feature that pretty much everyone’s been frothing over is the Global Trading System. Here’s what we know about how GTS in Pokemon Sword and Shield and how it’ll interact with the system from Home.

GTS Pokemon Sword and Shield – How This Will Work

If you’re totally new to the concept of GTS, let’s break this down for you. GTS was available in previous Pokemon games, and allowed you to trade Pokemon specifically for others that meet criteria you’re looking for. While Sword and Shield lets you trade Pokemon with your mates, it’s only got Link Trade and the lottery of Surprise Trade.

However, GTS is much more fully-featured. Once you plop your own trading candidates into the GTS, you then have the opportunity to request what sort of critters you want back. You can specify the gender, the level, and also which Pokemon you want back.

Pokemon Home’s GTS will match you with a trainer who’s willing to pick up what you’re putting down, and who has something for you to pick up in return. Previous generations of Pokemon have had GTS in them, though access to this system for Pokemon Sword and Shield users will only be viable once Pokemon Home comes out since the availability isn’t native.

It’s worthwhile noting that if you’re wanting to make the most of GTS and the ability to prune your Pokedex selections, you’re probably going to want to shell out for the Premium version of Pokemon Home which offers you more slots to use when trading. We’ve got more information about what the free versus paid version of Home will offer in this guide here if you’re curious.

Now that you know a little more about GTS in Pokemon Sword and Shield and how it’s going to work, why not check out some other tips and tricks that might be handy on your Galarian adventures?

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