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What is a Raid in Pokemon Go – Raid Guide

by Bryan Dawson

Developer Niantic has introduced raids to Pokemon Go. However, a lot of people have been asking, what is a raid in Pokemon Go and how to Pokemon Go raid passes work. This article will answer the question of what is a raid in Pokemon Go by breaking down the raid pass system, how to get into a raid, and other details you need to know such as how do raids work in Pokemon Go. So if you’ve been wondering how raids work in Pokemon Go, or where to get a Pokemon Go raid pass, you’ve come to the right place.

Raid Level Requirements

Not everyone can hop into a Pokemon Go raid. To prevent new players who may be unfamiliar with raids from getting in on the intense action, your trainer needs to be at least level 20. As Niantic updates the title, that level has been dropping. In fact, when raids first launched trainers had to be at least level 35. It should be noted that not every gym has access to raids. However, raids will be coming to all gyms as Niantic continues to roll out the new content.

How to Find a Raid

If a raid is happening nearby you’ll receive a notification in your Pokemon Go app. You can also use the Nearby feature to find any raids within your immediate area. Just before a raid begins a colored egg will spawn on top of a gym with a countdown timer. These eggs relate to the difficulty of the upcoming raid, so be sure you know what the egg colors mean.

How to Join a Raid (Raid Passes)

Trainers need a Raid Pass or Premium Raid Pass to take part in a Pokemon Go raid. To get a Raid Pass you need to spin the Photo Disc at any local gym. There are two types of Raid Passes, but they serve the same purpose. Normal Raid Passes can only be obtained once per day, while Premium Raid Passes can be purchased from the in-game shop with no limitations. Keep in mind, a single Raid Pass or Premium Raid Pass will let you join the same raid over and over again if you lose your Pokemon during the battle or just need to reconnect. You don’t need new Raid Passes to reenter the same raid a second or third time.

Raids last for about an hour as Pokemon trainers are tasked with taking down a high CP raid boss before that time expires. We’ve taken a look at the raid bosses and their weaknesses, so make sure you get acquainted with that information. Any number of trainers can participate in a Raid Battle, but you’ll be divided into groups of 20. If you want to be grouped with friends, join the raid privately by using a code from the first one of your friends to join the raid.

After a raid starts, hit the Battle button and you’ll be automatically sorted with other random players. However, if you want to be grouped with your friends, the group code is found in the upper right corner once someone has joined the raid publically. The game confirms you have a Raid Pass or Premium Raid Pass, then you can view the group code in the upper right corner and give it to any of your friends. Once that’s done you can select the six Pokemon you want to battle with and jump right into the raid.

Raid Rewards

If the local trainers take down the Raid Boss you can capture the boss and even earn special items. The special items include Golden Razz Berries, Fast TM, Charged TM and Rare Candy. You’ll also get Premium Balls that you need if you want to catch a Raid Boss. The more significant your group of was to the defeat of the Raid Boss, the more Premium Balls you’ll receive for your efforts.

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