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Pokemon GO Sierra Counters 2020

by Ginny Woo

Say what you will about Team Rocket, but we’ve always admired their tenacity and persistence. Even though we might beat them down month after month in Pokemon GO, they always bounce back pretty hard. We reckon that it’s because they swap up those team compositions and try and keep things varied just for us, though let’s not interrogate their success rate too much. Now that it looks like another team rotation has happened, here are our tips when it comes to the latest Pokemon GO Sierra counters for 2020.

Pokemon GO Sierra Counters 2020

You may already be familiar with how to previously beat Sierra before her latest rotation of Pokemon. All the way back in January she had a different team, and if you need a bit of a refresher on the bulk of her team, you can check out this guide that we’ve relinked here which is still pretty relevant. However, as you’ll know from spending time with any of our other content on taking down Cliff, the teams for the Team Rocket lieutenants have changed, so you’re going to require some new strategies. Here’s Sierra’s current line-up, along with some tips about who we reckon would be a good fit to kick her butt. 

The latest rotation for Sierra looks a little like this:

  • First pick – Beldum
  • Second pick – Exeggutor, Lapras, Sharpedo
  • Third pick – Shiftry, Houndoom, Alakazam

When it comes to Beldum, we would recommend counters that are Dark and Ghost Type, mainly because they’ll come in handy against Alakazam later as well if that’s who she pulls out: think Blaziken, Entei, or the likes of Darkrai (which we’ve given you tips on catching in the past). For the likes of Exeggutor, Fire Types and Dark Types will also do double duty, but you might want to focus on Fighting Pokemon in case it’s big Lapras hours (and the same will work if she pulls out Sharpedo): Machamp is always a good all-rounder and will dispatch Houndoom later as well. Shiftry is weakest against Bug Pokemon, but Fire Types work too so if you still have an Entei kicking around, you’ll be covered too.

Now that you’ve got the latest when it comes to Pokemon GO Sierra counters for 2020, it should be a tiny bit easier for you to take down this particular Team Rocket lieutenant even after she’s thrown her team composition curveball at you. It’s honestly easy enough to stack Dark Type Pokemon if you want to take her down, really, and Bug Pokemon are clearly a safe bet as well. We would also recommend a solid Fighting Pokemon to cover your bases, as above, but as long as you think you’re covering a good spread of her team then you should do fine. Need a hand with anything else in Pokemon GO? Check out these other tips and tricks that we’ve put together for Trainers like you:

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