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How to Beat Sierra in Pokemon GO – Counters Guide

by Nicholas Barth

One of the most significant activities that players have been partaking in when it comes to Pokemon GO is battling the Team Rocket leaders who are causing trouble in the fan-favorite mobile game. One of these Team Rocket leaders is known as Sierra, and players will need to know the counters for her if they wish to have success in defeating Sierra. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about when it comes to counters for the Team Rocket leader Sierra. 

Pokemon GO Sierra Counters

Trainers will find that Sierra always uses an Absol as one of her three Pokemon GO characters. However, there are six possible creatures that the Team Rocket leader can use when it comes to the other two characters on her team. Sierra’s second one can be Alakazam, Lapras, or Cacturne. The Team Rocket leader’s third character can then be either be Shiftry, Houndoom, or Gallade. As you can see, she has some fearsome characters she can use against you in battle. 

Pokemon GO Sierra Counters

However, there are plenty of counters that Pokemon GO Trainers can use to make sure they have every advantage possible when battling this particular Team Rocket leader. There is a wide range of characters you can use when it comes to each of the creatures she can handle. You can find these particular counters for Sierra below:

  • Absol – Togekiss, Clefable, Heracross, and Ninetalis (Aloha)
  • Alakazam – Darkrai, Hydreigon, Tyranitar, and Metagross
  • Lapras – Dialga, Lucario, Melmetal, and Regice
  • Cacturne – Melmetal, Aggron, Bulbasaur, and Heatran
  • Shiftry – Togekiss, Ho-Oh, Yanmega, and Heatran
  • Houndoom – Swampert, Poliwrath, Machamp, and Tyranitar
  • Gallade – Heatran, Togekiss, Metagross, and Moltres

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