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Pokemon GO Buddy Souvenirs – How They Work

by Ginny Woo

Ever since Pokemon GO has given us the option of being able to have buddies, we’ve really enjoyed some of our favorite team members being able to tag along with us on our adventures and to get closer to them. If you’re also someone who’s enjoyed this extra level of companionship, you may have noticed that you’ve been ending up with Pokemon GO Buddy Souvenirs. Wild, huh? Here’s our guide on how they work within the game.

Pokemon GO Buddy Souvenirs – How They Work

To be someone who’s had the privilege of acquiring Pokemon GO Buddy Souvenirs, your relationship with your buddy is going to need to be pretty significant. Buddy level Ultra is what you’re going to need here, which will enable you to benefit from actually having your best Pokemon friend kicking around (you’ll earn Find Souvenirs and Find Locations). 

To get Pokemon GO Buddy Souvenirs, you’ll need to have Find Souvenirs unlocked as part of that interaction. Your Buddy will basically find Souvenirs in the wild and give them to you. They work differently from Presents, which you would get from trekking through the Buddy Adventure content, because Souvenirs actually have no real useful in-game function at all. Buddy Presents could often be used and applied back to the game because let’s be real, most of the time they were things like Berries. However, Souvenirs are just cosmetics that sit pretty in your inventory and serve as gifts that your Pokemon has brought you just because it thought they were nice, we suspect. How sweet! 

To be eligible to get these Souvenirs, you just have to take your Buddy on adventures and hang out with them. There’s not a huge range of Pokemon GO Buddy Souvenirs in the game right now, and you can often obtain multiples of the same one from your Buddy. Maybe they just like stones, who knows? They’re not as frequent an occurrence as Presents, though, so we reckon they’re special. 

Now that you have our tips and tricks on how Pokemon GO Buddy Souvenirs work, it should just be a matter of you applying that knowledge to acquiring them and collecting them if you wish. They’re really just cute souvenirs but they’re a nice proof of your friendship with your buddy, so if you’re someone that’s all about heart level, then this will be right up your alley. Need a hand with anything else in Pokemon GO? We’ve got a bunch of guides for Trainers just like you tucked away in our dedicated section for the game: