To evolve and strengthen a Pokemon in Pokemon Go you need Stardust and Candy, and this guide will give you tips on some of the best ways to get Candy and Stardust in the game. One of the main aspects of Pokemon Go is to strengthen your Pokemon so you can win gym battles and secure more territory for your team of choice. Without Candy and Stardust your Pokmeon won’t be able to get stronger.

You will always get Candy and Stardust when you catch a wild Pokemon. While Candy is necessary to evolve a Pokemon, you need both Candy and Stardust in order to power up a Pokemon. Stardust is universal and can be used on any Pokemon, but Candy is specific to each Pokemon, making it more difficult to come by. There’s even Rare Candy used with Rare Pokemon, which can only be hatched via eggs or caught in the wild with enhanced Poke Balls.

First and foremost, you should try to catch as many Pokemon as possible. You are generally awarded three Candy for each Pokemon you catch. In addition, you can trade in any low CP Pokemon to the Professor to obtain even more Candy. Once you have a few high CP Pokemon, use a Lucky Egg for an XP bonus, then use Candy to evolve them as many times as you can.

It’s a good idea to keep track of how much Candy you have and how much it will take to evolve a Pokemon multiple times. Lower CP Pokemon should only be evolved once. If you waste Candy for a second evolution, the resulting Pokemon will still be fairly low in CP. If you wait until you catch a higher CP Pokemon, you can perform two evolutions and get a much better Pokemon as the end result.

Once you have a few powerful Pokemon it’s time to collect some Stardust. Look around your area for gyms that are controlled by your team (friendly gyms). Place your Pokemon at these friendly gyms and you’ll earn Stardust and PokeCoins on a daily basis (every 21 hours). You can also get Stardust and Candy from hatching your eggs, but once again, make sure you have a Lucky Egg active during this process so you gain the double XP bonus.

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