The best way to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go is to walk a specific distance related to the Pokemon you’re after. We’ve got all the details you need to get the egg hatching process going so you don’t waste your time or too much effort. There are a lot of Pokemon to catch and a lot of Pokemon that need to be hatched out of eggs, so let’s not dilly-dally and get right to it.

More often than not you can find eggs out in the wild by interacting with PokeStops. If you’re having trouble finding PokeStops, be sure to check out how to locate Pokemon Go points of interest on Google Maps. There are quite a few different kind of eggs, but everyone starts with one egg incubator that will not break. You can find other incubators by leveling up or buying them from the shop, but they generally break after three uses.

If you’d like to hatch an egg, go to your Pokemon list and access the Eggs tab. You can then click on the egg and move it over to the egg incubator of your choice. Once the egg has been placed in the incubator you’re informed how many kilometers you need to walk before the egg will hatch. Now this doesn’t mean you can hop in your car or get on the bus until your egg hatches. The Pokemon Go app uses both the GPS and pedometer in your phone to determine how far you’ve walked. You can’t fool it by driving. In fact, if the app registers you're going faster than 12 mph it won't add any distance to your incubating egg.

Before proceeding, don’t forget to check out our quick leveling tips and a few general tips to help you get going in Pokemon Go!

We’ve included a chart above that lets you know how far you need to walk for each Pokemon (thanks to For each egg you need to walk two, five or ten kilometers, which is a little over one mile, three or six miles for those of us in the US. When the egg hatches you’ll get the Pokemon, as well as Stardust and Candy for your troubles.

It’s also important to note that your Pokemon Go app must be open and active for the walking to count. There’s an energy saving mode that will help you conserve battery life, but it’s best to carry around an extra battery charger or make sure you’re fully charged before you head out to hatch some eggs.

Have fun playing Pokemon Go!