Pokemon GO: Best Counters for Hisuian Typhlosion Answered

Time to take Hisuian Typhlosion down.

Pokemon GO Hisuian Typhlosion
Image via Pokemon GO Live

Hisuian Typhlosion will soon be debuting in Pokemon GO with its own dedicated Raid Day. For the best chance of taking down this sizable foe, make sure that your party is full of the best Hisuian Typhlosion counters in Pokemon GO.

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Hisuian Typhlosion Weaknesses and Counters in Pokemon GO

Niantic continues to introduce new Hisuian Pokemon into Pokemon GO, and the latest is Hisuian Typhlosion. The spiffier, and ghastlier version of Typhlosion, Hisuian Typhlosion is a Fire/Ghost dual-type that was first introduced in Generation IV. Armed with the knowledge on how to tackle it, you’ll be able to take it down, and maybe even encounter it in its shiny form.

Hisuian Typhlosion Strengths and Weaknesses

Below are Hisuian Typhlosion’s strengths and weaknesses in Pokemon GO. Use these to your advantage when picking your team and you will emerge victorious with a brand new Hisuian Typhlosion on your team.

• Normal
• Fighting
• Poison
• Bug
• Steel
• Fire
• Grass
• Ice
• Fairy
• Ground
• Rock
• Ghost
• Water
• Dark

Hisuian Typhlosion Counters in Pokemon GO

Below are some of the best Pokemon for you to consider using as counters against Hisuian Typhlosion when going up against it in Pokemon GO.

PokemonMove Set
Tyranitar*Fast Attack: Bite
Charged Attack: Brutal Swing
Swampert*Fast Attack: Water Gun
Charged Attack: Hydro Cannon
RhyperiorFast Attack: Mud Slap
Charged Attack: Smack Down
Gengar*Fast Attack: Lick
Charged Attack: Shadow Ball
Garchomp*Fast Attack: Mud Shot
Charged Attack: Earth Power
Primal GroudonFast Attack: Mud Shot
Charged Attack: Earthquake
* Mega Evolution available.

Consider using the Mega form of any of the above Pokemon which have it as an option if you have enough Mega Energy to do so.

With the above knowledge, and a team chosen to best counter Hisuian Typhlosion, one should be able to take down a Hisuian Typhlosion. If you’re having trouble, consider teaming up with two or three other trainers, and you should be able to take one down in no time. Weather permitting, check out the latest Routes in your area too.

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