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Pokemon GO Armored Mewtwo Counters Guide

by Nicholas Barth

One of the most iconic characters in the world of Pokemon will soon be making its appearance in the title of GO once again when Armored Mewtwo returns to celebrate the franchise’s new animated Netflix movie that will be arriving later in February. This armored character is one of the coolest and most formidable raid bosses that has ever battled Trainers in the mobile title. Fortunately, we have gathered together some of the best counters players can use against Armored Mewtwo for the best chance of victory for you.

Pokemon GO Armored Mewtwo Counters

 You can find an array of the most reliable counters against this particular character and the moves that they should know to give you a solid chance of defeating this intimidating raid boss below:

  • Giratina – Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball
  • Gengar – Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball
  • Mewtwo – Psycho Cut and Shadow Ball
  • Tyranitar – Bite and Crunch
  • Scizor – Fury Cutter and X Scissor
  • Salamence – Bite and Draco Meteor

Pokemon Go Armored Mewtwo Counters

Trainers who bring a team composition of these types of counters in the 2020 raid for the character will have a much better chance of having a positive result than players who do not utilize these counters against the remarkable creature that has been a staple of the franchise for years. 

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