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Pokemon GO Cherubi Evolutions List Guide

by Nicholas Barth

The world of Pokemon GO consists of a vast array of characters that Trainers can capture and evolve into other forms to make teams filled with variety. One of these many creatures is the lovable Cherubi, who possesses multiple evolutions that it can transform into when a specific condition is met. Fortunately for you curious folks, we have all of the evolutions for Cherubi covered for you.

Pokemon GO Cherubi Evolutions

Cherubi has a total of three evolutions that it can evolve into when it is ready. These three evolutions are Cherrim, Cheriim Overcast, and Cherrim Sunny. Cherrim and Cherrim Overcast are very similar in appearance with Cherrim Sunny sporting a sinnier and more vibrant flower-like look of the three advanced forms of the character. 

 Pokemon GO Cherubi Evolutions

However, is it not free to have this creature become one of its three advanced forms in the mobile title for the legendary entertainment franchise. Trainers must use 50 of their candy to have this particular character evolve into one of its three forms, so it will burn a hole in your pocket to have the plant-themed character achieve one of its forms that are available in the game. 

There has and will surely be more Trainers who have had the joy of having their Cherubi achieve one of its three evolved forms during their many adventures in the fan-favorite video game.

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