Pokemon GO: All Flabébé Color Variations and Where to Find Them

Flabébé make a fairy pretty rainbow.

Pokemon GO Flabebe
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Flabébé, initially introduced in Generation VI, is a small, Fairy-type Pokemon that is generally found sitting on top of a flower. Flabébé is unique compared to most other Pokemon because there are five color variants, not including the shiny variant. Trainers wanting to encounter and catch every version of Flabébé will have quite a task on their hands, as Niantic hasn’t made it easy. Here are all of the Flabébé color variations and where to find them in Pokemon GO.

How to Catch Every Flabébé in Pokemon GO

In total, there are five different versions of Flabébé that trainers can possibly encounter in Pokemon GO. These are easily distinguished by the different colored flowers that Flabébé itself is nestled on. Two of the five are available worldwide for trainers to catch, and the remaining three are regional exclusives.

Here are all five Flabébé variants that you encounter in Pokemon GO.

Flabébé VariantLocation Found
White FlowerWorldwide
Orange FlowerWorldwide
Blue FlowerAsia-Pacific Region
Red FlowerEurope, the Middle East and Africa
Yellow FlowerAmericas and Greenland

Niantic seems to have no rhythm or rhyme when it comes to rotating regional Pokemon from their debut location or including them in raids or events. Whilst some people may travel to locations where a different variant is located, this is not common, and most players are at the whim of Niantic’s decision-making. Hopefully, Flabébé will come to raids in the future so that players can use Remote Raid Passes to participate.

Flabébé’s Shiny Form in Pokemon

Flabébé’s shiny form is not currently available in Pokemon GO. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t know what to look for when it eventually happens. The shiny variant of Flabébé can come in any of the above five colors. So, people collecting all shiny Pokemon for a ShinyDex will have a rough time with Flabébé.

You will have to look closer than the flower when it comes to Flabébé. The most obvious difference is in the eyes. The normal version has black eyes whilst the shiny version has blue eyes. The body is also different. The regular has a green lower body, and the shiny has a purple lower body. This can be harder to distinguish on something so tiny. So, it is best to pay attention!

It’s best to catch as many Flabébé as you feel comfortable keeping in Pokemon GO! You never know when you will encounter someone with Pokemon caught in a different location who will be willing to trade with you. One good thing about Pokemon GO promoting aspects of the game that get you out in the community, such as Routes, is that there is always a chance that you just might meet someone with the Pokemon that you have been searching for.

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