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Phasmophobia Easter Update Full Patch Notes Listed

Easter Egg Haunt

by Jesse Vitelli

Phasmophobia might be all about hunting ghosts, but that doesn’t mean the team can’t have fun with it. Celebrating the holidays with family and friends just got a whole lot scarier with the new patch in Phasmophobia. Here is the Phasmobia Easter update patch full notes listed.

Phasmophobia Easter Update Full Patch Notes Listed

Below you can find all of the patch notes for the new Phasmophobia Easter update, including stickers and a hidden easter Egg hunt.

This year’s event will run for 1 week, until 00:00 on April 12th (BST)!

  • Enter any location featuring an Easter sticker on any difficulty in single or multi-player.
  • Find and collect all of the hidden Easter eggs.
  • Retreat to the truck and leave! No need to find the ghost type!
  • Repeat this until all stickers on the contract board are ticked off!

Enjoy the Easter ’23 ID Badge and Trophy in your collection!

Event information can be found in the game by pressing the egg sticker button on the main menu!

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You’ll only be able to do this for a week, so make sure you get in and get hunting for those Easter Eggs. it’s the only way to get the exclusive rewards for surviving the horrors and haunting ghosts that come your way.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about the Phasmopphobia Easter Update. Those are all of the full patch notes listed. For more Phasmophobia news, tips, and tricks, be sure to stay right here at Prima Games. We have everything you would ever need on Phasmophobia, from patch notes to in-depth walkthroughs of encounters.

Check out all of the freezing temperatures in the game to ensure you have the right ghost nailed down before entering the truck.

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