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Phasmophobia screenshot of a camera pointing to a doorway leading to a dark room.
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Questions to Ask the Ouija Board in Phasmophobia: Ouija Board Questions Guide

Ask your questions before you die!

If you’ve played Phasmophobia, or are at least somewhat familiar with the game, you know that it’s going to take a lot of different avenues to identify the haunting spirit inside of the house. You’ll need to use plenty of tools at your disposal to properly track down and identify the ghost inside. If you’re using the Ouija board, you’ll need to ask specific questions to get the best results. Here’s our Ouija Board question guide for Phasmophobia.

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Questions to Ask the Ouija Board in Phasmophobia

The Ouija Board is not an object you will purchase to bring into a mission. It’s one of the cursed objects with a 1 in 7 chance of spawning, and it can be found on whatever level you are playing on. This means if you find it, you can use it to your advantage outside of whatever other tools you have brought into the level with you.

Below you will find the thirteen topics you can ask about. These questions can have slight variations on them, but these are the topics the ghost will respond to.

  • Location
    • “Where are you?”
    • “What is your favorite room?”
    • “Are you close?”
  • Age
    • “How old are you?”
    • “Are you old / young?”
  • Death
    • “How long have you been dead?”
    • “When did you die?”
    • “Who did you kill?”
  • Room Count
    • “How many people are in this room?”
    • “How many ghosts are here?”
    • “Are we alone?”
  • Sanity
    • “What is my sanity?”
      • Healthy means your sanity is above 80%.
      • Good means your sanity is 60-80%.
      • Average means your sanity is 40-60%.
      • Bad means your sanity is 20-40%.
      • Awful means your sanity is less than 20%.
    • “Am I insane?”
      • No means your sanity is above 90%.
      • Maybe means your sanity is 20%-90%.
      • Yes means your sanity is below 20%.
    • “How insane am I?”
      • Not very means your sanity is above 50%.
      • Very means your sanity is 25-50%.
      • Insane means your sanity is less than 25%.
  • Method of Death
    • “How did you die?”
  • Bone Location
    • “Where is the Bone?”
    • “Where did you die?”
  • Yes or No
    • “Are we friends?”
    • “Do you hate me?”
    • “Am I pretty?”
  • Hide and Seek
    • “Do you want to play hide and seek?”
  • Feeling
    • “How do you feel?”
    • “Are you okay?”
  • Purpose
    • “Why are you here?”
    • “What do you want?”
  • Joke
    • “Knock Knock.”
    • “Marco.”
  • Shyness
    • “Do you respond to everyone?”

This list isn’t every question you can ask because you can ask variations of the above questions and still receive similar results, but it will point you in the right direction for the topics of conversation the spirit will open up about.

Each question you ask the board will cost you a little bit of your sanity. Most questions will drain about 5% Sanity, but asking about the ghost’s location or the location of the bone will drain around 50% Sanity. Asking the ghost about the room count or if it’s shy will drain about 20% Sanity.

How to Know if the Ghost Recognized Your Ouija Board Question

Not every question you ask the Ouija Board in Phasmophobia will be a valid question. If you stray outside of the topics above, you likely won’t get a response. Valid questions you ask the Ouija Board will always get a response with the board’s planchette so long as the board is active. So, even if the ghost is shy, you’ll know a question is invalid if the Oujia Board’s planchette does not move.

Voice recognition can be a little more finicky if you’re asking the Oujia Board questions through voice input. You may need to rephrase or ask the question a few times before deciding the question doesn’t work. You’ll also want to make sure you’re staying within five meters of the board when using voice input. Text questions have a 2.5 second cool down between them, but they should only need to be inputted once.

How to Use the Ouija Board in Phasmophobia

To activate the Ouija Board in Phasmophobia, all you have to do is pick up the board and click on it. A planchette will drop onto the board, indicating the Ouija Board is now active. You can now ask questions as long as you remain within the investigation area.

The Ouija Board will respond to voice input within five meters of the investigation area, as well as text input. When using text, you will be able to select between three different categories which will each have their own specific questions to choose from. Make sure you don’t leave the board or the text menu without first saying goodbye to the board.

How to Deactivate the Ouija Board in Phasmophobia

To deactivate Phasmophobia’s Ouija Board, you need to say Goodbye. Failing to do so will cause the board to break and start a cursed hunt. You’ll know the board has been deactivated and you can safely leave it alone once the planchette disappears. The board will also deactivate if you leave the investigation area while holding the board.

The board will break and start a cursed hunt if:

  • All players leave the area while the board is active.
  • You ask the ghost to play Hide and Seek.
  • Asking a question lowers your sanity to zero.
  • The person who says goodbye doesn’t have any sanity left.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about which Ouija Board questions you can ask the spirits in Phasmophobia. Have a nice haunt.

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