Payday 3 Dirty Ice Vault
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Payday 3: All Dirty Ice Vault Button Locations

Get yourself a wonderfully rare stone.

While Payday 3 is great at fleshing out its objectives and giving you something new to handle with each heist, it doesn’t do much to guide you through them. That is a good thing for some people like me who find the experience more rewarding when you discover the answer for yourself. However, many of you likely want some guidance. Here are all the Dirty Ice vault button locations in Payday 3.

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How to Open the Vault During the Dirty Ice Heist in Payday 3

Payday 3 Dirty Ice Vault Button
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While you might be led to believe that there are multiple buttons for the vault, there’s actually only one button on the manager’s desk, along with a keycard reader. The keycard reader requires a red keycard, which you can either find on the backs of select guards patrolling the building or in the same closet as the display case alarm in the basement.

Payday 3 Red Keycard Reader
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Once you have the keycard, you’ll also need either a civilian or a friend to help you. If you’re using a civilian, grab them and shove them into the button, where they’ll hold it down for a brief moment for you. From there, quickly use your red keycard on the keycard reader, and you’ll be good to open the vault. If you’re using a friend, you’ll need them to hit the button for you. The rest still applies.

What is Inside the Vault in Dirty Ice in Payday 3?

By doing this correctly, you’ll be able to open up a rare stone. Once collected and bagged, it’ll be worth roughly double your standard bag of jewelry. While that doesn’t sound like much, stacking it with everything else makes for a pretty swell payday. It’s also extremely easy to do once you get the hang of it.

If you’re looking for help with any other aspect of this heist, check out our Payday 3 Dirty Ice stealth guide.

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