Palworld Skills Guide: How Partner, Active & Passive Skills Work

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Palworld Mounts
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While the Pals you have in Palworld are great on their own, their skills take them to the next level. Here’s a full guide on what each of the Pal skills in Palworld mean.

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What Are Skills in Palworld?

Skills in Palworld are bonuses given to your Pals, which are added on top of whatever your Pal does. These skills can be found when checking the Party Screen by opening your Inventory and clicking the Party tab. These skills are divided into three separate categories: Passive Skills, Active Skills, and Partner Skills. What each of these skills does is as follows:

Passive Skills

Palworld Hoocrates Skills
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These are passive skills that apply to that Pal and are often percentage increases or decreases, depending on what the Pal rolled with. Ideally, you want Pals with only positive Passive skills, but that isn’t always possible, sadly. For example, this Hoocrates in my party has Clumsy and Waterproof, which provide -10% work speed and a 10% decrease to incoming Water damage.

Active Skills

Palworld Lamball Skills
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Active Skills are abilities that your Pal can use against your enemies. These may say they’re active skills, but they’ll trigger on their own whenever your Pal wants to do that attack. For example, my Lamball can use Roly Poly, Air Cannon, and Power Shot at its current level.

Partner Skills

Partner skills are a little confusing because they’re often passive or active skills (or sometimes both). These are skills that you sometimes need to use or will apply on their own. As a few examples, my Lamball has Fluffy Shield, which, when used, will let me use it as a shield. Meanwhile, my Hoocrates has a passive skill that increases the attack power of other Dark Pals in my party.

Some partner skills enable flying mounts, swimming mounts, and land mounts. The partner skill Flame Wing for example enables flying mount use and also gives fire damage to player attacks. Waterwing Dance enables water mounting and applies water damage to attacks as well.


Keep in mind that certain pals need items crafted before you can use their mount ability. You’ll need to unlock and craft a Pals Saddle to use their mount partner skill.

Partner skills like Beasts that Devour Ores gives you increased efficiency with ore mining while mounting.

Pal Essence Condenser

The Pal Essence Condenser is an excellent way to further increase your Pal’s power. This is made available once you hit level 14. You’ll need two Ancient Technology Points to unlock the recipe for it, and you can get those points as first-time awards from killing Alpha pals.

The device itself needs 5x Ancient Civilization Parts, 20 Ingots, and 20 Paldium Fragments to build. Build this by your Palbox.

How the Condenser works is you can combine multiple Pals into one Pal to increase their Attack, Defense, and HP. You’ll also increase the power/effect of their Partner Skill. You lose the Pals you condense, so think carefully before doing so. You can do this up to four times, and each time it’ll cost you more Pals to sacrifice.

Different Types of Active Skills in Palworld

In Palworld, there’s a huge list of active skills your pals can acquire for use against enemies. These active skill types come in nine different elements: Fire, Water, Grass, Ice, Electric, Ground, Dark, Dragon, and Neutral. Some of these abilities include Dragon Meteor, Electric Ball, and Flame Arrow.

If you’re looking for more help with other aspects of your Pals, check out our guide on how to heal Pals in Palworld.

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