Palworld Complete Paldeck: All Pals, Pal Variants, and Drops

100 adorable pals to enslave in your gun factory

Palworld features 111 Pals, with more on the way. Here are all the Pals in Palworld and their variants and drops.

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Palworld Complete Paldeck: All 111 Pals, Pal Variants, and Drops

The world is alive with creatures we call Pals, which you can befriend, enslave, or devour. Many of these Pals have elemental variants, determined by breeding, or the biome in which they’re discovered in. In total, there are actually 137 total Pals to collect.

Once you spot a Pal, it’ll pop up in your Pokedex-like Paldeck. Below, we’ve listed all the Pals in Palworld that you can find and register in your Paldeck. Pals with “B” next to their number won’t appear in your Paldeck until you encounter them in the wild, through hatchings, or in battles.

PalPaldeck NumberElementDropsWork Suitability
Lamball1NeutralWool, Lamball MuttonHandiwork, Transporting, Farming
Cattiva2NeutralRed BerriesHandiwork, Transporting, Mining, Gathering
Chikipi3NeutralEgg, Chikipi PoultryFarming, Gathering,
Lifmunk4GrassBerry Seeds, Low Grade, MedicalLumbering, Handiwork, Transporting, Mining, Gathering, Planting, Medicine Production
Foxparks5FireLeather, Flame OrganKindling
Fuack6WaterLeather, Pal FluidsHandiwork, Transporting, Watering
Sparkit7ElectricElectric OrganHandiwork, Transporting, Generating Electricity
Tanzee8GrassMushroomsHandiwork, Transporting, Gathering, Lumbering, Planting
Rooby9NeutralLeather, Flame OrganKindling
Pengullet10Water / IceIce Organ, Pal FluidsTransporting, Watering,
Penking11Water / IceIce Organ, Penking PlumeTransporting, Mining, Watering,
Jolthog 12ElectricElectric OrganGenerating Electricity
Jolthog Cryst12bIceIce OrganCooling
Gumoss13Grass / GroundBerry Seeds, Leaves of the <Naemochi> treePlanting,
Vixy14NeutralLeather, BonesFarming, Gathering
Hoocrates15DarkFiber, High Grade Technical ManualGathering
Teafant16WaterPal FluidsWatering
Depresso17DarkVenom GlandHandiwork, Transporting, Mining
Cremis18NeutralWoolGathering, Farming
Daedream19DarkVenom Gland, Small Pal SoulTransporting,
Rushroar20GroundRushoar Pork, Leather, BonesMining
Nox21DarkLeather, Small Pal SoulGathering
Fuddler22GroundLeather Handiwork, Transporting, Mining
Killamari23DarkVenom GlandTransporting, Gathering
Mau24DarkGold CoinFarming
Mau Cryst24bIceIce Organ, SapphireFarming,
Celaray25WaterPal FluidsTransporting, Watering
Direhowl26NormalLeather, Ruby, Gold CoinGathering
Tocotoco27NeutralGunpowder, Tocotoco FeatherGathering
Floppie28GrassLow Grade Medical Supplies, Wheat SeedsHandiwork, Transporting, Planting, Medicine Production
Mozzarina29NeutralMozzarina Meat, MilkFarming
Bristla30GrassWheat Seeds, Lettuce SeedsHandiwork, Transporting, Gathering, Planting, Medicine Production
Gobfin31WaterPal FluidsHandiwork, Transporting, Watering
Gobfin Ignis31bFireFlame OrganHandiwork, Transporting, Kindling
Hangyu32GroundFiberHandiwork, Transporting, Gathering,
Hangyu Cryst32bIceFiber, Ice OrganHandiwork, Transporting, Gathering, Generating Electricity
Mossanda33GrassMushrooms, Leather, Tomato SeedHandiwork, Transporting, Lumbering, Planting,
Mossanda Lux33bElectricMushroom, Electric Organ, LeatherHandiwork, Transporting, Lumbering,
Woolipop34NeutralCotton Candy, High Quality Pal OilFarming
Caprity35GrassCapricity Meat, Red Berries, HornFarming, Planting
Melpaca36NeutralWool, LeatherFarming
Eikthyrdeer37NeutralEikthyrdeer Venison, Leather, HornLumbering
Eikthyrdeer Terra37bGroundEikthyrdeer Venison, Leather, HornLumbering
Ribbuny39NeutralLeather, Beatiful FlowerHandiwork, Transporting, Gathering
Incineram40Fire / DarkHorn, LeatherHandiwork, Transporting, Mining, Kindling
Incineram Noct40bDarkHorn, LeatherHandiwork, Transporting, Mining,
Cinnamoth41GrassHoney, Lettuce Seeds, Wheat SeedsPlanting, Medicine Production
Arsox42FireHorn, Flame OrganLumbering, Kindling
Dumud43GroundRaw Dumud, High Quality Pal OilTransporting, Mining, Watering
Cawgnito44DarkBones, Venom Gland, Small Pal SoulLumbering,
Leezpunk45DarkCopper Key, Silver KeyHandiwork, Transporting, Gathering
Leezpunk Ignis45bFireFlame Organ, Silver KeyHandiwork, Transporting, Gathering, Kindling
Galeclaw47NeutralGaleclaw Poultry. LeatherGathering
Robinquill48GrassWheat Seeds, ArrowsHandiwork, Transporting, Gathering, Lumbering, Planting, Medicine Production
Robinquill Terra48bGrass / GroundWheat Seeds, ArrowsHandiwork, Transporting, Gathering, Lumbering, Planting, Medicine Production
Gorirat49NeutralLeather, BonesHandiwork, Transporting, Lumbering,
Beegrade50GrassHoneyHandiwork, Transporting, Farming, Gathering, Lumbering, Planting,
Elizabee51GrassHoney, Elizabee’s StaffHandiwork, Gathering, Lumbering, Planting,
Grintale52NeutralHigh Quality Pal OilGathering
Sweepa54IceWool Gathering,
Chillet55Ice / DragonLeatherGathering,
Univolt56Electric Leather, Electric Organ, HornGenerating Electricity
Foxicle 57IceIce Organ, Leather Cooling
Pyrin58FireFlame Organ, LeatherLumbering, Kindling
Pyrin Noct58bDark / FireVenom OrganLumbering, Kindling
Reindrix59IceReindrix Venison, Leather, Horn, Ice OrganLumbering,
Rayhound60ElectricElectric OrganGenerating Electricity
Kitsun61FireFire Organ, LeatherKindling
Dazzi62Electric/ EarthElectric OrganHandiwork, Transporting, Generating Electricity
Lunaris63NeutralPaldium FragmentHandiwork, Transporting, Gathering,
Dinossom64Grass / DragonWheat SeedsLumbering, Planting,
Dinossom Lux64bElectric / DragonTomato SeedsLumbering, Generating Electricity
Surfent65Water Pal FluidsWatering
Surfent Terra65bGroundPal FruidsGathering,
Maraith66DarkBones, Small Pal SoulMining, Gathering
Digtoise67GroundOre, High Quality Pal OilMining
Tombat68DarkLeather, Small Pal SoulTransporting, Gathering,
Lovander69NeutralMushroom, Cake, Suspicious Juice, Strange JuiceHandiwork, Transporting, Mining, Medicine Production
Flambelle70FireFlame Organ, High Quality Pal OilHandiwork, Transporting, Farming, Kindling
Vanwyrm 71Fire / DarkBones, Ruby, Gold CoinTransporting, Kindling
Vanwyrm Cryst71bIce / DarkBones, Sapphire, Ice OrganTransporting,
Bushi72FireBones, IngotTransporting, Gathering, Lumbering, Kindling
Beakon73ElectricElectric OrganTransporting,
Ragnahawk74FireFlame OrganTransporting, Kindling
Katress75DarkLeather, Katress Hair, High Grade Technical ManualHandiwork, Transporting,
Wixen76FireFlame Organ, High Grade Technical ManualHandiwork, Transporting, Kindling
Verdash77GrassLeather, BonesHandiwork, Transporting, Lumbering, Planting,
Vaelet78GrassLow Grade Medical Supplies, Tomato SeedsHandiwork, Transporting, Gathering, Planting, Medicine Production
Sibelyx79IceHigh Quality Pal Oil, Cloth, Ice OrganFarming, Medicine Production
Elphidran80DragonHigh Quality Pal OilLumbering,
Elphidran Aqua80bDragon / WaterHigh Quality Pal OilLumbering, Watering
Kelpsea81Water Raw Kelpsea, Pal FluidsWatering
Kelpsea Ignis81bFireRaw Kelpsea, Flame OrganKindling
Azurobe82Water / DragonClothWatering
Cryolinx83IceIce OrganLumbering,
Blazehowl84FireFlame OrganLumbering,
Blazehowl Noct84bFire / DarkFlame OrganLumbering,
Relaxaurus85Dragon / WaterHigh Quality Pal Oil, RubyTransporting, Watering,
Relaxaurus Lux85bDragon / ElectricHigh Quality Pal Oil, Electric Organ, SapphireTransporting, Generating Electricity
Broncherry86GrassBroncherry Meat, Tomato SeedsPlanting,
Broncherry Aqua86bGrass / Water Broncherry Meat, Lettuce SeedsWatering
Petallia87GrassBeautiful FlowerHandiwork, Transporting, Gathering, Medicine Production
Reptyro88Fire / GroundFlame OrganMining, Kindling
Ice Reptyro88bIce / GroundIce OrganMining,
Kingpaca Cryst89bIceWool, Ice OrganGathering,
Mammorest90GrassHigh Quality Pal Oil, Leather, Mammorest MeatLumbering,
Mammorest Cryst90bIceHigh Quality Pal Oil, Leather, Mammorest MeatMining, Lumbering,
Wumpo91IceIce Organ, Beautiful FlowerHandiwork, Transporting, Lumbering,
Wumpo Botan91bGrassLettuce Seeds, Tomato Seeds, Beautiful FlowerHandiwork, Transporting, Lumbering, Planting,
Warsect92Grass / GroundHoneyHandiwork, Transporting, Lumbering, Planting,
Fenglope93NeutralLeather, HornLumbering,
Felbat94DarkCloth, Small Pal SoulMedicine Production
Quivern95DragonHigh Quality Pal OilHandiwork, Mining, Gathering,
Blazamut96FireCoal, Flame OrganMining, Kindling
Helzephyr97DarkVenom Gland, Medium Pal SoulTransporting
Astegon98Dark / DragonMetal Ingot, Pure Quartz Handiwork, Mining
Menasting99Dark / GroundCoal, Venom GlandMining,
Anubis100GroundBone, Large Pal Soul, Innovative Technical ManualHandiwork, Transporting, Mining
Jormuntide101Dragon /WaterPal FluidWatering
Jormuntide Ignis101bDragon / FireHigh Quality Pal Fluid, Flame OrganKindling
Suzaku102FireFlame OrganKindling
Suzaku Aqua102bWaterPal FluidWatering
Grizzbolt103Electric Electric Organ, LeatherHandiwork, Transporting, Lumbering, Generating Electricity
Lyleen104GrassLow Grade Medicine, Beautiful Flower, Innovative Technical ManualHandiwork, Gathering, Planting, Medicine Production
Lyleen Noct104bDarkLow Grade Medicine, Beautiful Flower, Innovative Technical ManualHandiwork, Gathering, Medicine Production
Faleris105FireFlame OrganKindling, Transporting
Orserk106ElectricElectric OrganHandiwork, Generating Electricity
Shadowbeak107DarkMetal Ingot, Carbon Fiber, Innovative Technical ManualGathering,
Paladius108NeutralPal Metal Ingot, DiamonMining, Lumbering
Necromus109DarkPal Metal Ingot, Large Pal SoulMining, Lumbering
Frostallion110IceIce Organ, DiamondCooling
Frostallion Noct110bDarkPure Quartz, Large Pal SoulGathering
Jetragon111DragonPure Quartz, Polymer, Carbon Fiber, DiamondGathering

How to Register Pals to Your Paldeck

Once you’ve got your sights on a Pal, it’s added to your deck, even if you haven’t encountered them. This can happen, for example, when you see a Pal available in the Black Marketeer’s wares. But you won’t get the full details of a Pal in your Paldeck until you catch them!

Once you do, that Pal’s habitat, if available, drops, work suitability, and temperament will all be available in your Paldeck.

How to Get Pal Variants and Breed Pals in Palworld

Pal variants can be found in one of three ways. They can be found in the wild, hatched, or bred.

Jormuntide Ignis, for example, can be hatched from Scorching Eggs or found in the wild at No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary, but it can’t be bred unless its parents are both Jormuntide Ignis. Frostallion Noct, by contrast, can’t be caught or hatched from random eggs, but it can be bred by pairing a Frostallion and Helezephyr together.

Fortunately, entire breeding calculators have been created for Palworld that can be found online. Or you could just check out the cheat sheet we’ve formulated here, which lists all the Variant and special Pal breeding combinations.

Is There a Reward for Completing the Paldeck?

No, there is no reward for completing your Paldeck. If you’ve played any Pokemon game, you’d likely assume that completing your “paldex” would net you something. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case at the moment, but it’s worth noting that Palworld is still in Early Access, and a Paldeck completion reward may be added to the game in the future.

That said, it’s still worth capturing as many Pals as possible and filling out your Paldeck to gain a Capture Bonus. For each Pal you catch, you’ll gain a permanent boost to the experience you gain when catching Pals. This boost can increase up to 10 times for each specific Pal in the Paldeck, and it scales with your Player’s level, meaning it’s the most effective way to farm XP. So go out there and catch every Pal, then catch them all ten times more.

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