Palia: All Palium Ore Locations Listed

It's time to pick up the pick!

Palia All Palium Ore Locations Listed

If wandering around the map and looking for minable nodes sounds familiar – that’s because it is! Mining is almost the same in any MMO – Palia included. So, you will take a pick and start mining various minerals in order to process them into the materials needed for crafting tools and equipment, as well as for making furniture and a few other things.

Palium is an end-game mineral in Palia that can spawn at random in specific spots. Check out the map below for all Palium ore locations and use it to plan your best farming route in order to collect this important mineral and turn it into Palium Bars, which are required to completely upgrade your equipment.

All Palium Ore Locations in Palia

First of all, to be able to mine Palium, you need to have at least a Fine Pick – the first upgrade for a regular pick that becomes when you level your Mining skill up to Level 6. Fine Pick can be used to mine Stone, Flint, Copper, Iron, and Palium ore. Also, you will need access to the main map – Bahari Bay Area where Palium spawns usually on cliffs and in caves.

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Locations on the map can be randomly changed, especially once you collect the ore. There is a random RNG factor on whether a Palium node or another mineral will spawn again at the same location.

The best tactic is to mine everything you find and visit the marked locations after a while to check if the Palium spawned again. Minable node Palium ore will be easily recognized by its blue color, you won’t mistake it for any other mineral.

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