How to Get Cotton in Palia

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How to Get Cotton in Palia
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After completing Palia’s tutorial quests, you’ll encounter a quest to gather resources to make a glider. One of these resources is fabric, which you can craft using cotton. Where do we find this resource, though? Does it cost money? I’m here to answer every question you may have about this particular item. To learn more, continue reading to discover how to get cotton in Palia.

Where to Find Cotton in Palia

There are two ways to obtain cotton in Palia:

  • Purchase cotton seeds from Zeki’s General Store.
  • Request cotton seeds or fully-grown cotton from the player requests menu.

While requesting cotton through the request menu (O on your keyboard) is a free option for obtaining the item, you’re not guaranteed to get any through this. If you are comfortable spending some in-game gold, you can head to Zeki’s shop and buy seeds for 40 gold each. Afterwards, head back to your home, plant the seeds, and wait five in-game days or five real-world hours until the crops fully mature.

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If you plan on growing your cotton, return occasionally to water your plants. Leaving them overnight doesn’t work, as a dry plant halts the growing process until you water them again.

Once your cotton is done growing, you can harvest them and use them however you’d like!

What Is Cotton Used for in Palia?

The primary use of cotton is to craft fabric at the loom. One piece of fabric takes eight minutes to create, so stockpiling some for the future can help you save time later. Fortunately, you only need one cotton for each fabric, so don’t worry about planting and harvesting dozens of plants for your quests.

As a bonus, cotton plants also boost the quality of other nearby crop types, allowing you to synergize them with others to improve your odds of harvesting gold-star-quality items.

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