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How to Open Chests in Hot Spots in Fortnite Chapter 4

Dropping hot has a new meaning.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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We may have entered a new chapter of Fortnite, but that doesn’t mean the weekly challenges have gone anywhere in the transition. To kick the first week of Fortnite Chapter 4 off, one quest tasks players with opening chests in Hot Spots, which are a new addition to the battle royale.

Everyone knows what it means to drop hot in a battle royale, but that usually is community driven by the size of the area and the potential spawn rate of loot. Epic Games has taken it a step further and designated different Hot Spots on the map with each new match. Our guide will cover how you can find a Hot Spot yourself and start opening chests to claim that weekly XP reward.

Fortnite Chapter 4 – How to Open Chests in Hot Spots

The first step when taking on this challenge is to look at your map. As soon as you load into the match, you’ll be able to open up the map and see which points of interest are designated as Hot Spots. POIs that are considered hot will be marked by gold letters. Even if you haven’t yet discovered the area, the question marks will still be colored in the dark yellow hue that signifies a special event.

There are two or three Hot Spots that will appear in a given match. Which POIs are considered hot will vary every match, but it’s only the major spots that will be marked. That only leaves a handful of spots that are big enough to support a massive flood of players looking for action and loot.

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Once you’ve selected the Hot Spot you want to drop into, all you have to do is find three chests and open them. That sounds easy enough, but these areas will have a ton of opposition, so surviving can prove to be a challenge in and of itself. Even if you can only manage to open one chest, that progress will count and you can try once again. Before you know it, you’ll have 20k XP for the Battle Pass. Just make sure you are opening true chests to complete the challenge and not simply shooting down loot drones or you’ll be wasting some time.

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