All Object Coordinates in Fortnite for Chapter 4 Season 1

A little way to pass the time.

The clever folks at Epic Games have come up with an interesting way to keep players entertained while the Fortnite servers are offline. For those not in the know, the end of Chapter 3 has been and gone, and the servers are currently offline for maintenance. This normally produces a pretty boring window of time where players have nothing to do. This time around, Epic has filled that window with a hunt for coordinates.

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These coordinates can then be entered at Fortnite Chapter Four, a special website, and players can discover new items, skins, and other interesting things about the upcoming Chapter Four. So far, it is proving to be a fun little treasure hunt that is keeping us all entertained while we wait for the servers to spring to life.

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All Object Coordinates for Fortnite Chapter 4

So far, the website tells us that only 38% of these objects have been discovered, so it looks like many more will be on the way. We will do our best to track them all down and keep the list fully up to date, so check back often to see if anything new has been revealed.

  • New pickaxe: 2TH-EK-33P
  • New motorcycle: KNE-LB-4ME
  • New skin: 6HU-TQ-4BY
  • Geno skin: 4J5-DB-S9J
  • Doomguy skin: G9D-39-323
  • New weapon: RS9-L8-835
  • New Assault Rifle: U83-8M-T5M
  • Peely Constellation: A9D-M5-BGL
  • Chapter Four Battle Bus: SEL-5U-V8N
  • Pastel Skin: JHP-N4-4E4
  • Slap Juice!: 7CD-7J-8AL (new)
  • New Pistol: REL-14-Y85

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Fortnite Chapter 4 is just beginning, so stay tuned to Prima Games for the latest news, guides, and tips as the season progresses. For more information on Fortnite, check out our other guides, like Fortnite ‘Waiting in Queue’ Error Explained and Why Does Fortnite Keep Crashing?

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