Old School RuneScape: Where to Find Fancy Boots

These boots are made for walking..

OSRS Fancy Boots 2
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Fancy Boots are not only a fabulous fashion choice but also a great choice for newer OSRS players due to their lack of requirements and ease of obtainment. If you haven’t grabbed yourself a pair of Fancy Boots, keep reading to discover how to obtain these fantastical kicks in OSRS.

How to Get Fancy Boots in OSRS

You will need to make your way to the fourth floor of the Stronghold of Security to obtain the Fancy Boots. The Stronghold of Security is located west of Varrock and south of Edgeville. Climb down the entrance and you will find yourself on the first level.


Even if you are a low-level player who has just arrived from Tutorial Island, you can make your way to the bottom of the Stronghold of Security. You will need to bring good food to survive enemy attacks, but it is possible to do so.

All Levels in the Stronghold of Security

  • OSRS Stronghold of Security Level 1
  • OSRS Stronghold of Security Level 2
  • OSRS Stronghold of Security Level 3
  • OSRS Stronghold of Security Level 4

The following table will provide all of the information that you need to get through all four levels of the Stronghold of Security.

1. Vault of WarRat (level 1)
Goblin (level 5,11,13,16, 25)
Wolf (level 11,14)
Minotaur (level 12, 27)
Flap emote
2. Catacomb of FamineGiant rat (level 26)
Zombie (level 30, 44, 53)
Flesh Crawlers (level 28, 35, 41)
Slap Head emote
3. Pit of PestilenceSpider (level 24)
Giant spider (level 50)
Scorpion (level 37, 59)
Catablepon (level 49, 64, 68)
Idea emote
4. Sepulchre of DeathShade (level 159)
Zombie (level 159)
Skeleton (level 60, 68, 85)
Ghost (level 76, 77)
Ankou (level 75, 82, 86)
Stamp emote
Choice of Fancy Boots, Fighting Boots, or Fancier Boots depending on account security level.

Getting to the end of the Stronghold of Security will allow you to choose to obtain the Fancy Boots, and you will be feeling fancy after all of the new emotes that you learned making your way to the bottom of the dungeon. As of November 1, 2023, players are able to own as many pairs of Fancy Boots as they wish. On top of this, Jagex Account holders can now combine Fancy Boots and Fighting Boots together to make Fancier Boots. So, they’re worth getting!

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