New Marvel Snap Locations – August 2023 – Yashida Base and Valley of the Hand

Destruction everywhere...

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Second Dinner has eased up on shelling out new locations, and some of the locations that were deemed unfun and problematic by the community have been phased out partially or completely, but this only means that Second Dinner will do their best to make the new locations exciting! I believe that this is the case with Yashida Base and Valley of the Hand which will be introduced to Marvel Snap in August 2023, and I invite you to check out what these locations do.

Valley of the Hand – Tips for New Location in Marvel Snap

The text of Valley of the Hand is as follows:

“After Turn 5, your destroyed cards revive here.”

As if Destroy decks needed more help… But hey, they got it, and here we are. Please be advised that cards such as Wolverine and X-23 won’t clone themselves there. The way this location works is that it randomly selects your destroyed cards and fills up the location with them. So, a maximum of four can be selected. And, what’s most important, the order of their destruction is not relevant. Yes, it is a heavy RNG situation you have on your hands, but it is what it is. You can’t really counter this much unless you drop Professor X to lock down the lane completely.

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Yashida Base – Tips for New Location in Marvel Snap

The text of Yashida Base is as follows:

“At the end of the game, destroy the last card to get here.”

There will be severe mind games with this location, along with the tracking of plays, so stay focused when this location is Featured:

  • “Should I play my big card here and hope that the opponent will play something as well because I have priority and their card will be the last one?”
  • “Should I willingly sacrifice something small (hint: 0 cost Wasp) after I play my boss card, to ensure that the boss card will survive?”
  • “Should I completely abandon this location, or just retreat out of the match?”

Yeah, just play Magik, Rhino, and Scarlet Witch if you want to save yourself some thinking time, or Reality Stone if you are playing Thanos… Maybe even Legion would be a nice thing to play (on Yashida Base, of course, to make things as crazy as possible). I have a feeling that most people would just instinctively retreat because they didn’t remember the order of cards played).

That’s all for the August location showcase. I hope that Second Dinner will keep adding fun and interactive locations and that we won’t get any more restrictive locations. If you want to read more about Marvel Snap, check out How to spot a bot in Marvel Snap – bot list.

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