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How to Spot a Bot in Marvel Snap – Bot List

Autobots, roll o- wait, wrong franchise.

Yes, it’s basically officially confirmed, there are bots in Marvel Snap. And not just the ones in the early ranks when you are just starting fresh with your account… there are bots in the Infinite rank as well, and everywhere in between! Funnily enough, most of these bots run under the direct command of Second Dinner, while there are some bots that are run by players for various goals. What’s the deal with AI taking over Marvel Snap? Why are there bots in Marvel Snap? How do you spot a Bot in Marvel Snap? Is there a list of bots in Marvel Snap? Find out below, here at Prima Games.

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Why Are There Bots in Marvel Snap?

It’s in hindsight very simple. There are three main reasons on why there are bots in Marvel Snap:

  • Developers (Second Dinner) have put them in to “feed” cubes into the game’s economy (because there’s not an infinite amount of cubes, technically speaking, you can only take them from other active players). There is now a safety net that gives you 50 Cubes when you cross into the next ranked Division, which also inflates the amount of Cubes in the existence (economy).
  • Developers (Second Dinner) have put them in to reduce the matchmaking time for players, because they insist that matchmaking is almost instant, and sometimes, it gets lonely in the upper ranks at some hours of the day.
  • Players (Cheaters) have put them to work for the purpose of dropping their MMR (to lose intentionally automatically) so that they can have an easier job climbing the ranks in the next season, OR to attempt to actually win Cubes with specifically crafted decks *cough* Agatha *cough*

It’s not a secret actually, the developers ARE discussing these matters publicly on the Marvel Snap official Discord. They want to make them as human-like as possible so that nobody notices that they are playing against a bot. Given the simplicity of the game (in hindsight), it might be plausible to program decent bots that can stand a fighting chance.

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How to Recognize a Bot in Marvel Snap

There are a couple of “tells” that you can use to gauge if you’re playing against a bot:

  • The bot plays nothing. Literally nothing. On Turn 4 they either Retreat or Snap out of nowhere.
  • The bot plays absolutely illogical and random, against every common sense (On Reveal effects on Location that forbids On Reveal effects, Ongoing effects on Location that forbids Ongoing effects, or even worse, playing cards on a Location that’s bound to destroy them, like Rickety Bridge or Murderworld).
  • The bot plays Agatha. OK. Let’s put a disclaimer here. You can sometimes not be sure if you’re playing a bot or not. Agatha is the way to go if you want to just program a simple program that will automatically click “Play”, “Next Turn” and “Collect Rewards”.
  • There are rumors of bots having access to unreleased Avatars, Card Backs, and Card Variants. Second Dinner says they’ll do away with that.
  • There is a possibility that the bot will use the default Avatar and Card Back as well.

Where Can I Find the List of Suspected Bots in Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snap Zone is a great resource for the list you are looking for. The list sometimes gets updated. Check if your username is on the list, perhaps. However, that’s not a 100% guarantee either.

What Should I Do Now With This Information?

Well, nothing, really. It’s claimed that some bots have “supernatural” powers and that they see your hand, etc… You still need to work on winning every game with as many Cubes as possible or losing it with at least Cubes as possible. We have an in-depth, multiple-part guide on what you can do to improve your game and reach Infinite.

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In conclusion, I’d like to add that bots should not be a permanent way to populate a game. Marvel Snap should grow with quality so that it attracts thousands and thousands of players so that bots are not even necessary (except for the early tutorial ranks). That’s it for this article, everyone. Make sure to tune in to our Marvel Snap tag below for more Marvel Snap content!

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