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How Does the New Marvel Snap Featured Location Rickety Bridge Work? – Answered

Really, don't rock the bridge, you won't like the outcome!

by Nikola L

Rickety Bridge is a new, very tricky Location in Marvel Snap that will fool many players the first time they see it. It’s very difficult to play around and Prima Games will show you everything you need to know about Rickety Bridge in Marvel Snap.
We will let you know how to best play around it, and how you can use it to your advantage (as much as it’s possible, given its effect).

Rickety Bridge Effect in Marvel Snap Explained

The effect of Rickety Bridge is: After each turn, if there is more than one card here, destroy them.

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This means that if at the end of the turn, there is more than 1 card on both sides of this Location combined, all of them will be destroyed. Let’s put it this way: You developed three squirrels on Turn 1, if no further cards are added, that Location is yours on paper. If anything, literally anything gets added, the Location will try to destroy all of the cards there at the end of the turn.

This means that you can use a 0-Cost Wasp to knock down the bridge that just barely held the weight of Hulk, making the Wasp “the last straw that broke the camel’s back”. This is useful to know for Turn 6, where you must try to force that Location into a draw by any means necessary and to know to watch out because the opponent will try to do the same to you. When this location is featured, you may expect a lot of 5+1 Energy cost plays on Turn 6.

How to Counter Rickety Bridge in Marvel Snap

Scarlet Witch, Armor, Rhino, Magik, Storm, Colossus, and Professor X come to mind. You either need to change the Location or just jam it. Electro is great to be sacrificed on this bridge, since you retain the On Reveal effect, and ditch the Ongoing one.
Spider-Man is great on Turn 5 to forcefully clear the location and disable the opponent’s plays on that Location next turn.

How to Make Good Use of Rickety Bridge in Marvel Snap

Well, a DeathWave deck should work wonders, similar to the previous Location. If you need to keep sending Deadpool to certain death, again and again, that’s a half-decent location for the task.

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