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Neon White: How to Get the True Ending

How to unlock the True Ending of Neon White

by Jesse Vitelli

Neon White, the frenetic fast-paced FPS developed by Angel Matrix is filled to the brim with collectibles for players to find, as well as over 90 time-trial levels. Players who find themselves enjoying the story and characters should know that there is a true ending available. Here is how to get the True Ending in Neon White.

Neon White: How to Get the True Ending

If you’re looking to unlock the true ending of Neon White and obtain the additional scenes that come alongside it, you’ll need to do some serious work.

First up, you’ll need to collect every single gift in the game, and then in turn give them out to all of the characters to unlock all of their social links.

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There’s no order or best way to do this other than to have them all complete before the final mission. The game will very clearly tell you that you should make sure you’ve checked in with everyone before taking on the final set of levels.

If you haven’t found all of the gifts, be sure to check out our location guides. Once you have all of the gifts and have given them out to the characters, you’ll need to do one last thing.

In the final boss fight of the game, you’ll be given a choice between The Book of Life, and the Book of Death. Choose the Book of Life in order to receive the true ending.

If you haven’t completed all of the gifts, you won’t be able to choose the Book of Life as an option, but once you have you’ll need to choose it to see the true ending.

After that, just sit back and enjoy the true ending of Neon White.

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