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Neon White: All Mission 1 Rebirth Gift Locations

All gifts in mission one of Neon White

by Jesse Vitelli

Neon White is a fast-paced, frenetic FPS that emphasizes speed and accuracy. hidden throughout each level is a gift that can be used to increase your friendship with the characters around Heaven. You’ll need to find all of them in order to see all of the story and gameplay levels. Here are all of the gift locations in Mission one of Neon White.


The opening tutorial level doesn’t have a ton going on; the gift is on a building to your left once you enter into the open area. You can obtain it by going to the large circular water wheel and hopping off of it to the buildings with the slanted roofs on the left side.


You can see the gift location here as soon as the level begins. All you need to do is grab the two Purify cards in front of the black ballon demons. Use the Purify Bomb to launch yourself on the little ledge to the left and grab it.

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In this level, you’ll need to collect all three Purify cards. Grab the first two and then bounce on the black balloon demon up to the top floor. From here, grab the third Purify card and head to the rooftop building to your left where you’ll see the gift on a very tall pillar. Use the bombs to bounce yourself up there. You’ll need to attach a bomb to the pillar to get the full height.


In this level, the gift is actually on the pillars above you. You’ll need to use the handgun to elevate yourself around the right side as you would normally throughout the level. Once you get up a little higher, you’ll be able to jump through the window and walk over to get the gift.


You’ll need to grab the handguns and make your way up the small railed buildings to your right, progressing through the level until you’re high enough to be able to reach the first building. Then just use the handgun to hop your way up.


This one is pretty straightforward. The gift is under the bridge after you bounce up the first set of balloons. Grab the handgun around the corner, then duck under the bridge and use the hop to grab the gift.


Once you break out of the red door on this level, you’ll see the gift floating on the far right corner of the map near the exit. Grab both of the Purify guns, ignore the enemies, and proceed under the first archway. Now use the two pillars on your left to get some height to bomb jump on the roof where the waterfall is. Use the second bomb to reach the gift.


Continue the level like normal until the very end. Instead of using the bomb to break the red door, bounce upwards to reach the gift above it.


This is another level where you will need to make it all the way to the exit to obtain the gift. Don’t use any of your weapons in this level as you’ll need all of them to get it. From the exit bomb, jump to the lower pillar, then bomb jump and elevate from there to the higher pillar where the gift is located.

Glass Port

Another one that will require making it to the final area of the level. From here, go all the way to the opposite end of the water track, and use your bomb jump to push yourself upward on top of the building to grab the gift.

That is everything you need to know about how to get all gifts in Mission One Rebirth in Neon White. Getting all of the gifts is how you unlock the true ending of the game.

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