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Neon White: All Mission 2 Killer Inside Gift Locations

Here is every gift location for Neon White's second mission, Killer Inside.

by Jesse Vitelli

Neon White is a frenetic high octane FPS that is based around completing levels as fast as possible. However, each level has a hidden gift for players to find that they can bring back to the hub area. These gifts are used to progress character sidequests and other social links. Here are the locations for all of the mission 2 gifts in Neon White.

Take Flight

To grab this gift, all you need to do is hop to the ledge in front of this image, and use the Purify gun to hop up on the ledge to the left of that. Then kill both of the yellow enemies to grab the two elevate cards. Hop on the rooftop directly across from the gift. Use both of the elevate cards to clear the gap and you should land directly on the gift.


For this gift, you’ll want to progress through the level normally until you hit the area pictured above. From here, hop up on the ledge (red circle above) and follow the path around. You’ll then be able to use the Godspeed rifle to zip across and grab the gift.

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For the Dasher gift, kill the first room with enemies and walk up to where you took out the big blue enemy on the high ledge. You can then use the Godspeed dash to reach the red circle pictured above. Just walk along the upper ledge from here to reach the gift.


For Thrasher, play through the level all the way until the end. Once you reach this bridge (the final stretch of the level), you’ll need to hop underneath it and find the gift tucked away. Use your elevate and Godspeed cards to get the height and distance you need.


Go through the red door and loop around. Once you get through the next room, jump onto the floating pillar, and then jump and dash over to the gazebo where the gift is hanging out up top.


To grab the Fastlane gift, keep progressing through the level until you come to the point in the picture above (it should be right after the second set of balloon demons). Make your way around the bend and bounce on the following two balloon demons but do a 180 and land on top of the currently shown building. The gift is sitting on top waiting for you.


To snag this gift, follow the level normally until you reach the long curved waterway. From here, position yourself at the higher end of the slope (the waterway is on a giant curved slope) and you’ll want to try and jump on top of the roof of the waterway. This might take a few tries but just get some speed and try to jump from the water to the lowest point of the roof.

From here, you can then use the Godspeed rifle to dash and grab the gift.


This one can be a little tricky. Follow the level as normal (don’t burn any of your Elevate cards, except the very first one at the start of the level).

From here continue normally, and grab the extra elevate from the vending machine on the left once you make it to the exit (go the normal route around the waterway to preserve your elevates).

Look at the building head-on and go around the side. Follow the bridges around until you make it to the end. You’ll see the gift floating on top of the central pillar – use your elevates to reach it.


For the Thrasher gift, make your way around the center building using the waterways and ignore the big red breakable door. On the opposite side of the building, you’ll find this balloon demon. You can use it to bounce and progress through the level normally, but the get the gift you need to bounce and go through the back of the center building (follow the arrow). Once you bounce, use the dash to snag the gift floating inside.


For this one, you’ll need to shoot all of the blue enemies (not dash) to clear them out and obtain three Godspeed cards. This is at the very beginning of the level. Once you have three, jump on the small lip from the second archway. When you’re on the lip closest to the building with the gift, jump and use the full length of all three dashes. You’ll just be able to catch the tiny ledge on the front of the building. Then you can hop over the railing and grab the gift.

That’s everything you need to know about all of the gift locations for Neon White’s second mission, Killer Inside. You’ll need all of the gifts in order to see the true ending.

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