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Neon White Mission 3 Only Shallow Gift Locations

All gift locations for the third mission of Neon White, Only Shallow.

by Jesse Vitelli


For this gift, you’ll need to start the level as normal, but when you get to the head with the lock-on laser, go around it and grab the Purify card above it. It’s important not to burn the Elevate card to reach it quicker. Hide behind some pillars when the laser is about to shoot to stay safe. Once you grab the Purify card, don’t go the normal route, instead, go back down the stairs and look across to the gift location. You’ll notice a ledge sticking out in front of you, (red arrow) bomb jump across the gap, and then use the elevate card to reach the slanted rooftop with the gift.


For Stomp, once you break through the first red fence, bypass the entire level and begin falling all the way to the left side of the map, towards to big bridge-looking building. Your goal is to land on that ledge circled above. From there, you’ll be able to float down and grab the gift beneath it.

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This one is actually pretty straightforward. Kill the first enemy, and then hop over the railing (don’t break the red floor). Land on the rooftop to the left and then simply use elevate to reach the gift across from you.

Dash Tower

For this one, complete the level until you get to the part where you need to dash through the second red fence door. Instead of dashing through it, shoot the head, grab the elevate card from the yellow enemy next to it, and turn around. You’ll see a building with windows and the bottom wall missing. You can dash over and then just elevate to get inside the building to pick up the gift.


For Descent, at the beginning of the level, kill the enemy around the corner to pick up the Stomp card, then use it on the red breakable floor in front of you. Open the chest and grab the Godspeed card, then walk up the stairs and outside, shoot the green enemy in front of you to pick up another Stomp. Now fall down to the platform below, but do NOT use the Stomp card, shoot the enemies and pick up a third Stomp card. Now turn around and look down, you’ll see a stairs case at the bottom of the building you started in. Now fall down to that building, use the Godspeed card to dash through the breakable red wall, and then use all three stomps to reach the bottom and grab the gift.


Drop down to the chest below you at the start of the level, quickly snag the submachine gun, and kill the head directly behind you. Now instead of following the path through the level, go to the railing on the right side of the head. You’ll see a building below with a square hole in the roof (pictured above). Jump off the platform and land on the roof with the hole. You’ll be able to see the gift below you so just angle your jump to get it.


For canals, you’re going to want to complete the level as usual, but keep hitting the Elevate vending machines around the level to make sure you have three at all times. Never burn an elevate – you can use the red barrels to get everywhere you need. In the final stretch of the waterway, you’ll notice the gift high up above the two archways with barrels on them.

Make your way to the double barrel and green enemy by the waterfall, shoot it to get some height, and then burn two of your elevate cards to get on the wall above. Now walk across and grab the gift.


Go through the level as normal, but try to keep any elevates and godspeed you can – this means shooting enemies and using barrels to your advantage. Once you get to the final enemy of the level, shoot the barrel when you’re close enough to use it as a bounce. Hop up onto the ledge above the enemy and start walking backward through the level towards the gazebo (located directly above the breakable red door your dash through at the end).


This is another easy one. You’ll need to fall off of the entire level towards the right. While falling, look at the level and you’re keeping your eye out for a breakable red floor tucked away. Before jumping off, make sure you grab three Stomp cards. You’ll need all three to break through the floor and grab the gift.


This one is pretty easy. You’ll need to clear out the first section of the level, and then when you get to the row of blue enemies, shoot them, but don’t dash through them, pick up cards as you need ammo, but make sure to leave at least one card there as you’ll need it later.

Then, go across the waterway and pick up the Elevate card. Turn around and go back towards the blue card you left, you’ll need to burn a dash to get back, but that’s why we left a card there. Just don’t use the Elevate, you’ll need it in a second.

Now walk up the small plank of wood leaning on a box and use the elevate jump to get on the slanted roof. The gift will be across a giant gap and you’ll need to use three Godspeed dashes to reach it.

That’s it, those are all of the gift locations for Mission 3, Only Shallow, in Neon White. You’ll need all of the gifts to unlock the true ending of Neon White.

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