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Neon White: All Gift Locations In Mission 5 The Burn That Cures

How to get all the gifts in mission 5 of Neon White.

by Jesse Vitelli

We’re back again, this time with more gift locations for you to find in Neon White. Mission 5 has got some tricky ones, but we will lay it all out for you. So without further ado, here are all the gift locations in mission 5 The Burn That Cures in Neon White.


For this one, you won’t be able to get the gift until the final balloon demon before the exit. It sits way up high on a tall tower. The trick here is to go in with three fireball cards after jumping on the last balloon demon, aim straight up in the air, and burst with all three. Put some space between them so you get the full distance before using the next one.

You can obtain three fireballs by shooting most of the enemies and managing your ammo. Don’t just burn through all of them.


This one is actually super simple, you just need to know where to look. So first off, kill the blob enemy, grab the ammo, and then hop up and grab the Fireball, now turn around and jump onto the ledge to your right. Follow it around, jump on the little balcony outside the window. Keep hopping up until you’re at the tallest rooftop across from the large pillar with the gift sitting on top. Now jump and fireball straight up to it.

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For this one, you’ll want to grab the first Fireball, clear out the enemies, then jump on the rooftop across (skipping the breakable red door and head enemy in front of it). Grab the next Fireball, and clear out the enemies. Instead of going towards the head and burning to it, jump to the left onto the lower waterway with the blob demon. This will ensure you have three Fireballs (which you will need).

Now make your way to the top, kill the blue enemy to get the Godspeed dash, and use it directly across the gap to go back onto the balcony underneath the pillar with the gift on it. Now just use all three Fireballs to get up to it.


This might be the easiest one to get. Go through the level until you pick up the three Fireballs in the last stretch. Shoot the heads locking onto you, but don’t burn the cards. Then directly above the exit burst up twice to land on the little ledge above it, where the gift is sitting.


For this one, go all the way to the last part of the level, you’ll see a head next to a red barrel on your left-hand side of the waterway. Go past it and break the chest to grab the Fireball card (right before the exit). Then turn around and shoot the red barrel to launch yourself up, use the fireball to gain some extra height, and you’ll find the gift on the rooftop above the red barrel.


For this one, you’ll want to grab the Fireballs and only shoot the heads and blue enemies. Once you make your way to the right side of the level, look over at the Gazebo, you’ll see the golden gift in the back corner. Jump to the opposing rooftop with the Godspeed Dash, then double Fireball over to the gazebo to grab the gift.


For Steps, make it to the end with two Fireball cards, then use the red barrel to bounce yourself up, and then double Fireball into the little cubby (shown above).


For Demolition, keep as many Fireballs as you can. In the first section kill the yellow enemy to get an Elevate. Use this to hit the balloon demon and reach the second area. Now shoot the Elevate vending machine in the corner to snag an extra card. Once you make it to the final part of the level, shoot the red barrel to get some height and then use your Fireball cards to get on the roof pictured above.


This is another one that you’ll need three Stomp cards to obtain. You can get these by shooting all of the barrels to launch you up instead of actually burning the card. You can also take the shortcut by hopping through the open window after the second waterfall bounce at the beginning of the level. Once you make it to the exit, you’ll notice a red breakable door to the left when falling down. Stomp through all three of them to find the gift below.


For this one, again, you’ll want to hold on to your Fireballs, so use everything else you have to reach the top of this Bell Tower. There’s a Fireball vending machine on the third floor that you’ll need to shoot to grab an extra for safety. Once you reach the top floor, just burst into the bell to grab the final gift of mission 5.

That’s all of the gift locations in mission five, The Burn That Cures, in Neon White. You’ll need all of the gifts to get the true ending of the game.

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