MultiVersus 1.05 Patch Notes: Black Adam Arrives, Arcade Alpha and Beard Shaggy?

What's The Rock cooking this time? Smells like... bad movie

A bump in the road kicked this update to Halloween instead of the week before, but it’s here now. The next big update for MultiVersus (still in Open Beta) hits on Monday, October 31, 2022. The biggest piece is of course Black Adam, DC Comics’ latest box office blunder, is finally on the roster. There are also two new game modes, several new skins, and the usual round of character tweaks.

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MultiVersus 1.05 Patch Notes

New Stuff

  • Black Adam! Has an alternate skin (800 gleamium) that counts for extra candy during the Halloween event.
  • Arcade (Alpha): This initial version of Arcade Mode (with updates promised) offers both single and doubles play, three difficulties and boss fights.
  • Silly Queue: A new spot for custom games that come with weird modifiers and stuff.
  • Battlepass goes up to 53 now?
  • New Space Jam stage available for Custom and Lab play, Scooby-Doo level variant without the roof added to all modes
  • Attack Decay modified to impact stun a lot more. Item spawn frequency increased and Anvils added to item pool
  • Four new skins (800 gleamium each): Ultra-Warrior Shaggy, Tune Squad Bugs (old and new) Tune Squad Taz (new)
  • BMO Announcer Pack
  • Legendary Black Adam Profile Icon

Character Buffs, Nerfs, Fixes

As usual we won’t go into explicit detail, but will drop summaries and point y’all to the official patch notes website. If you want the minutia you can hop over there, but if you want a quick reference keep on reading.


  • Nerfed ground/air up special and ground/air side special
  • Knife bugfix


  • Nerfed air down attack


  • Tweaks to ground side attack and air down attack


  • Hitbox bug fix
  • Nerfed air/ground neutral special and air neutral attack


  • Buffed ground side attack and ground/air neutral special


  • Buffed air down attack

Iron Giant

  • No longer experimental!
  • Nerfed air down attack and side ground special


  • Nerfed air down attack


  • Buffed ground down attack


  • Tweaked ground side attack and air down attack
  • Buffed ground side attack


  • No longer experimental!
  • Bugfixes


  • Bugfixes
  • Nerfed ground/air down special, air side special
  • Buffed air side special (bigger hitbox)
  • Tweaked ground side attack and air down attack


  • Nerfed ground/air down special and air down attack


  • Tweaked air/ground neutral special, air forward attack, move list


  • Side special bugfix
  • Buffed air up special


  • Bugfixes

Tom & Jerry

  • Ground/air up special bugfix
  • Buffed ground/air up special

Wonder Woman

  • Bugfixes

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