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MultiVersus 1.03 Patch Notes: Rick, Anti-Infinites and Gizmo Buffs

Finally that's out of the way

by Lucas White

The latest MultiVersus update has landed, and this time Rick Sanchez from that lame cartoon has arrived. In addition to the new character, there are a few changes to the game itself, including a decision on character mastery leveling that has proved controversial in record time. Rounded out with an interesting anti-infinite measure and a round of nerfs ‘n’ buffs, we have a substantial update to run through.

MultiVersus Patch Notes 1.03

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Wonder Woman is no longer the default free character, and Shaggy is the new one! If you got Wonder Woman previously from the tutorial, you still get to keep her.
If a move is used four times in a “true” combo, every subsequent move has decay afflicted. This is meant to discourage infinites, and the feedback doors are open.
XP requirements from levels 3 to 15 have been doubled. Uh-oh! Folks aren’t happy, to say the least.

New Stuff

Two new Reindog skins and a Steven Universe skin have been added. Golden Reindog can be bought with coins instead of premium currency.



  • Bug fixes
  • Changes to up special are coming, but nothing is ready yet


  • Down Air nerf


  • Bug fixes
  • Air down and ground side nerfs


  • Buffs to ground down and up, air down and air neutral


  • Buffs to jump speed, air/ground neutral special, and air side special
  • Car is now a heavy projectile
  • Can jump cancel air down special

Iron Giant

  • Bug fixes

Harley Quinn

  • Bug fixes


  • Nerfs to air/ground down special and ground down attack


  • No longer “experimental”
  • Bug fixes
  • Air/ground neutral special buff
  • Nerfs to air/ground down special and basketball air neutral attack


  • No longer “experimental”


  • Nerfs to air side special and air neutral attack

Steven Universe

  • Animation adjustments
  • Buffs to ground side attack, air side attack, air/ground side special and air down attack


  • Nerfs to ground up attack, ground neutral attack and air up special

Tom and Jerry

  • Tweaks/nerf to ground side attack
  • Buffs to air side attack, air down attack and air/ground neutral special


  • Bug fixes
  • Tweaks to air/ground neutral attack and air down attack
  • Nerfs to air/ground up air and air/ground neutral special

For the nitty-gritty on more changes such as modifications to the Twitch extension, performance updates on consoles, and the specifics on all the nerfs and buffs, check out the original patch notes. You can find notes for major patches such as this one right on the official MultiVersus website.