Monopoly GO: All Toy Maker Partners Event Rewards Listed

Build to earn prizes.

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Monopoly GO’s Toy Maker Partners event is live and sees players working together to build four toys for various prizes, including dice rolls and cash, by collecting Puzzle Pieces. Here are all the Monopoly GO Toy Partners event rewards listed.

All Monopoly GO Toy Maker Partners Event Rewards

Each toy has five rewards, all tied to the build percentage of said toy in Monopoly GO. As you collect and spend Toy Partners Puzzle Pieces, you earn points that increase the toy’s progress. Because there are four toys to build, you can earn the below rewards four times in total.

The Monopoly GO Toy Partners event rewards for each toy are as follows:

Points NeededReward
1,800• 160 dice rolls
6,800• 150 dice rolls
• Cash
14,200Blue Safe, containing:
• 250 dice rolls
• Cash
30,200Pink Safe, containing:
• 350 dice rolls
• 3-Star Gold Guaranteed Sticker Pack
60,000• 600 dice rolls
• 4-Star Gold Guaranteed Sticker Pack

Once you’ve earned the rewards for all four toys, you’ll receive the grand prize of:

  • 5,000 dice rolls.
  • 5-Star Gold Guaranteed Sticker Pack.
  • Toy Peg-E Token.

How to Get Toy Partners Puzzle Pieces in Monopoly GO

To build the four toys in Monopoly GO, you must collect Toy Partners Puzzle Pieces. This is done by landing on certain property spaces and participating in events, such as the Gizmo Gourmet event that runs until October 8, 2023.

The minimum amount of Puzzle Pieces you need to spin the wheel that determines how many points will go toward a toy’s build progress is 20, though the multiplier goes all the way up to x20 if you have 400 pieces to drop in one go.

When Does the Toy Maker Partners Event End in Monopoly GO?

Monopoly GO’s Toy Partners event lasts for five days and ends on October 7, 2023, at 1 PM PT.

If you need other players to build your toys with, here’s how to add friends in Monopoly GO.

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