How to Add Friends in Monopoly GO

Roll dice and make money with friends!

How to Add Friends in Monopoly GO
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Monopoly GO is pretty fun, but it’s even better with friends. If you want to play multiplayer, continue reading to discover how to add friends in Monopoly GO.

Monopoly GO: How to Add Friends

Monopoly GO features three ways to add friends:

  1. Connecting your phone number and contact list.
  2. Signing in through Facebook.
  3. Sending an invite link to friends.

To access these options, tap the Friends button in the bottom right corner of your game screen and choose Contacts, Facebook, or Invite.

Adding Friends on Monopoly Go Through Your Phone’s Contact List

Connecting your phone’s contact list to Monopoly GO allows you to add any friend who also owns the game. This option will ask for your phone number, and then automatically comb your contacts list. You’ll need to give the game permission to access your phone number and contact list. Once you connect with this option, new friends who download the game will be added automatically.

You also have the option to unlink after you’ve linked phone contacts, just remove Monopoly GO’s permissions.

Adding Friends on Monopoly GO via Facebook

Using this method is probably the most convenient. It’ll add every friend on your Facebook friends list who plays the game automatically. You won’t need to send invites to do so. Make sure to connect your Facebook to your Monopoly GO account. You can invite as many friends as you want, getting rewards in the process.

Alternatively, if you want to introduce someone to the game for the first time, you can send an invite link to the store page, allowing them to download and install Monopoly GO. You can copy and paste the invite link or automatically send it through your messaging apps. Once the link is sent out, you don’t need to do anything else to add your friends.

Free Dice for Adding Friends to Monopoly Go

As a bonus, you also receive 30 free dice for connecting to your contacts through Monopoly GO, while adding your Facebook account grants an additional 25 dice. You can also encourage your friends to do the same, allowing them to receive free dice. If you’re ever low on dice and don’t mind connecting these accounts, you can use this as another option before going around the board again.

Monopoly GO is available on Android and iOS. To learn more about the game, check out all Monopoly GO Cloud Cruisin’ event rewards listed, or click the tag below to browse our entire article list!

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