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Monopoly GO: All Cloud Cruisin’ Event Rewards Listed

Cruisin' my way past GO.

Players who land on certain tiles during Monopoly GO’s Cloud Cruisin’ event can score points to earn prizes such as in-game cash, stickers, and dice rolls. Here’s a list of every Cloud Cruisin’ event reward in Monopoly GO and how to unlock them all.

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UPDATE: The Monopoly GO Cloud Cruisin’ event is now over and the Gizmo Gourmet event is live – here are all the rewards.

All Monopoly GO Cloud Cruisin’ Event Rewards Listed

There are 49 Cloud Cruisin’ rewards in Monopoly GO, each tied to a certain number of points. They are as follows:

Cloud Cruisin’ LevelPoints NeededReward
1580 Toy Partners Puzzle Pieces
2510 dice rolls
351-Star Sticker Pack
410130 Toy Partners Puzzle Pieces
545120 dice rolls
65180 Toy Partners Puzzle Pieces
71010 minutes of Cash Grab
8151-Star Sticker Pack
910220 Toy Partners Puzzle Pieces
10120250 dice rolls
12201-Star Sticker Pack
1320250 Toy Partners Puzzle Pieces
15200375 dice rolls
17302-Star Sticker Pack
1940300 Toy Partners Puzzle Pieces
20400700 dice rolls
214510 minutes of High Roller
2250350 Toy Partners Puzzle Pieces
24553-Star Sticker Pack
257501,250 dice rolls
27602-Star Gold Guaranteed Sticker Pack
2865400 Toy Partners Puzzle Pieces
2970100 dice rolls
31150450 Toy Partners Puzzle Pieces
32175125 dice rolls
332004-Star Sticker Pack
34225500 Toy Partners Puzzle Pieces
351,3002,000 dice rolls
3630020 minutes of Rent Frenzy
373504-Star Sticker Pack
38400520 Toy Partners Puzzle Pieces
395005-Star Sticker Pack
402,2003,200 dice rolls
4155020 minutes of High Roller
44700800 dice rolls
46750950 dice rolls
478004-Star Gold Guaranteed Sticker Pack
494,0004-Star Gold Guaranteed Sticker Pack
6,500 dice rolls
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You’ll need a whopping 19,255 points to reach level 49 and take home the grand prize. That is a LOT of dice rolling…

How to Score Points in the Monopoly GO Cloud Cruisin’ Event

To score points in the Cloud Cruisin’ event, you must land on Tax and Utility spaces. Which type you land on decides how many points you get:

  • Tax space (Income Tax, Luxury Tax): Three points.
  • Utility space (Electric Company, Water Works): Two points.

You can earn more points by rolling with a dice multiplier enabled. Note that doing so will use up your rolls faster, though.

When Does the Cloud Cruisin’ Event End in Monopoly GO?

Monopoly GO’s Cloud Cruisin’ event lasts three days and ends on October 5, 2023, at 7 AM PT.

If you’re having trouble logging into the game, here’s how to check the Monopoly GO server status.

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