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Cloud Cruisin’ has ended, and it’s time for the Gizmo Gourmet event in Monopoly GO. Players who land on specific board spaces can earn points towards prizes such as cash, timed board events, and more. Here are all the Monopoly GO Gizmo Gourmet rewards and how to unlock them.

UPDATE: The Monopoly GO Gizmo Gourmet event is now over, and the Campfire Chronicles event is live – here are all the rewards.

Monopoly GO Gizmo Gourmet Event Task List and Rewards

There are 50 Gizmo Gourmet rewards in Monopoly GO, each tied to a specific level and number of accrued points. The prizes and their unlock conditions are as follows:

Gizmo Gourmet LevelPoints NeededReward
12580 Toy Maker Partners Puzzle Pieces
2201-Star Sticker Pack
34020 dice rolls
445130 Toy Maker Partners Puzzle Pieces
515075 dice rolls
750180 Toy Maker Partners Puzzle Pieces
8551-Star Sticker Pack
96510 minutes of Cash Grab
10375200 dice rolls
1160220 Toy Maker Partners Puzzle Pieces
13901-Star Sticker Pack
1480250 Toy Maker Partners Puzzle Pieces
16850450 dice rolls
17100300 Toy Maker Partners Puzzle Pieces
181102-Star Sticker Pack
19120Five minutes of Cash Boost
20115350 Toy Maker Partners Puzzle Pieces
211,300700 dice rolls
221503-Star Sticker Pack
24175400 Toy Maker Partners Puzzle Pieces
262,000950 dice rolls
2727510 minutes of High Roller
283002-Star Guaranteed Gold Sticker Pack
29325450 Toy Maker Partners Puzzle Pieces
30400100 dice rolls
32450120 dice rolls
33500500 Toy Maker Partners Puzzle Pieces
346504-Star Sticker Pack
365,0002,000 dice rolls
37800520 Toy Maker Partners Puzzle Pieces
3890025 minutes of Rent Frenzy
391,0004-Star Sticker Pack
4110,0003,800 dice rolls
421,60020 minutes of High Roller
441,9005-Star Sticker Pack
462,000500 dice rolls
473,0004-Star Gold Guaranteed Sticker Pack
494,00015 minutes of Cash Grab
5017,5004-Star Gold Guaranteed Sticker Pack
7,500 dice rolls
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You’ll need a whopping 74,450 points to scoop up every Gizmo Gourmet reward in Monopoly GO. But there are also over 16,000 dice rolls up for grabs, so that will definitely help you complete the task list.

Many of the rewards contain Puzzle Pieces for the Toy Maker Partners event in Monopoly GO, which runs until October 7, 2023. You can win 3,130 in total, so it’s worth participating if you’re trying to build your four toys.

How to Score Points in the Monopoly GO Gizmo Gourmet Event

You score points by landing on certain board spaces while the Gizmo Gourmet event is active. Each space type will give you a specific number of points:

  • Chance: Two points.
  • Community Chest: Three points.
  • Railroad (Reading Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad, B & O Railroad, Short Line): Five points.

You can increase the amount of points a space gives you by rolling with a multiplier enabled; the higher the multiplier, the more points you’ll receive. Note that this will use up your rolls much faster, though, so ensure you have enough first to avoid the risk of running out.

When Does the Gizmo Gourmet Event End in Monopoly GO?

The Monopoly GO Gourmet Gizmo event ended on October 8, 2023, at 8 AM PT and was replaced by the Campfire Chronicles event.

What is the Gizmo Gourmet Event in Monopoly GO?

Gizmo Gourmet is a three-day event that gives players the chance to grab some big prizes in their Monopoly GO mobile game. As you land on Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad spaces, your score increases. When a certain amount of points is gathered, you earn a reward.

Rewards start off low, such as 20 dice rolls and a 1-Star Sticker Pack, but the more tasks you complete, the higher the prize gets until, eventually, you could see millions deposited into your bank account. This is great if you’re trying to buy every property to complete a board or if you’re trying to land on specific board spaces to earn Puzzle Pieces in the Toy Maker Partners event. If only making money in real life was this easy…

If you need more rolls to increase your Gizmo Gourmet event score and win better prizes, find out how to get free dice rolls in Monopoly GO.

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