Modern Warfare 3: Best Snipers to Use in MW3

Looking for the best sniper to use in the MW3 beta?

The Modern Warfare 3 beta is EXPLODING right now, as fans are exploring everything the game has to offer. Just like with every release, players are already attempting to figure out which snipers are the best to use in MW3. Here is a list of the best snipers in MW3, in no particular order.

The Best Snipers in MW3

Sniping has always been a favorite amongst players in the Call of Duty community. Whether it’s trick shotting or just simply showing off your aiming skills, sniping has always been extremely popular.

Now, with the MW3 beta out, players are trying to see just which snipers are the best in the game. For the time being, the beta has included two snipers for people to utilize, but they are heavy hitters.

Here are the two snipers currently available in MW3:

KV Inhibitor

The KV Inhibitor is an absolute monster in MW3. The popular weapon might be on the heavier side but has an incredibly fast fire rate compared to other snipers in the game. Not only that, but the KV Inhibitor is powerful, making it one of the best AND fastest guns in MW3.

The KV Inhibitor is a powerhouse, making it easily one of the top weapons in the MW3 beta.


This bolt-action sniper rifle certifies itself as one of the best weapons currently in the game. Its 25 rounds magazine size makes it a much more reliable gun while also still portraying that more traditional sniper action.

Not only is the Longbow sniper rifle one of the strongest weapons in the game, but it also is one of the cleanest-looking guns in the game. With the correct attachments, the Longbow will dominate in MW3.

Regardless of which sniper you choose, both the KV Inhibitor and the Longbow are great choices when playing the MW3 beta.

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