All Killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2 Listed

Can you earn the final streak?

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Modern Warfare 2 is here, and with a new Call of Duty, you can always expect a new lineup of killstreaks to earn as you tear your way through the battlefield. Streaks included in a Call of Duty title are typically tied to the timeline or series, and MW2 is no different.

Some of the classics found in the Modern Warfare series have returned while other streak weapons are brand-new ways to rack up your own score on the leaderboard. In this guide, we’ll go over every killstreak that you can earn in Modern Warfare 2 and how the streak system works within the game.

Modern Warfare 2 – Every Killstreak Listed

When you’re going for your own streaks in a Call of Duty title, it’s important to know how the system itself works. Some games are based entirely on score while others are based on your actual kill streak without dying. Modern Warfare 2 allows players to choose between score streaks or kill streaks, but death will ultimately bring them back down to 0. You can find every killstreak below.

Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks

  • UAV – 4 kills or 500 score
  • Bomb Drone – 4 kills or 500 score
  • Counter UAV – 5 kills or 625 score
  • Cluster Mine – 5 Kills or 625 score
  • Care Package – 5 kills or 625 score
  • Precision Airstrike – 6 kills or 750 score
  • Cruise Missile – 6 kills or 750 score
  • Mortar Strike – 6 kills or 750 score
  • Sentry Gun – 7 kills or 875 score
  • SAE (precision airstrike) – 7 kills or 875 score
  • VTOL Jet – 8 kills or 1,000 score
  • Overwatch Helo – 8 kills or 1,000 score
  • Wheelson-HS – 8 kills or 1,000 score
  • Stealth Bomber – 10 kills or 1,250 score
  • Chopper Gunner – 10 kills or 1,250 score
  • Emergency Airdrop – 10 kills or 1,250 score
  • Gunship – 12 kills or 1,500 score
  • Advanced UAV – 12 kills or 1,500 score
  • Juggernaut – 15 kills or 1,875 score
  • Nuke – 30 kills

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When you select your killstreaks, you can choose three at a time in your loadout that are in different streak categories. That means you can only use one streak from the 4-kill category, for example. The Nuke is the only one you can’t equip at all, and it can be earned by anyone as long as you get 30 kills without dying.

And that’s all. For more on the upcoming Call of Duty title, head over to our dedicated Modern Warfare 2 section full of guides, news, updates, and more.

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