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MLB The Show 23 Supercharged Players Explained

Some extra boost added to MLB The Show 23

by Ashley Anthony
MLB The Show 23 | Supercharged Players

It’s the return of the Mac in MLB The Show 23 as SDS reintroduces Supercharge Players. In this post, Prima Games will run through this exciting feature, discussing when it starts, how it works, and more.

What are Supercharge Players?

Supercharge Players are player cards in MLB The Show 23 that receive massive boosts in-game. If a player shows up on the field and performs brilliantly for their respective team, their ratings will dramatically increase for the next five days.

Any player on the field, in the diamond or the outfield can Supercharge in The Show. Rookies, pitchers, infielders, players with hot bats or Golden Glove performances are all in the running to get a rating upgrade for a short period.

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In Diamond Dynasty, all players that Supercharge after a game day will have a 99 overall rating lasting five days. Additionally, following big matchday performances over the weekend on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, their Supercharge card will be available the Monday after that.

“Any big performances on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be reflected in Diamond Dynasty on the following Monday at 10 a.m. PT. Another big change – we will be extending the temporary Supercharged player ratings to last for five days, and all Supercharged players in 2023 will reach 99 Overall in Diamond Dynasty!”


When Does MLB The Show 23 Start

The start of Supercharged Players has already passed after Thursday’s Opening Day, where all 30 MLB teams played. The next game day starts later today when the Mets meet the Marlins at LoanDepot Park.

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What’s New? Supercharged Player of the Week

The Show has also added a Supercharged Player of the Week, where every week on a Monday, fans must turn their attention to Twitter and look out for a poll from @MLBTheShow; fans will get to vote for their Supercharged Player of the Week there.

Once voted for, the player who wears the title of MVP for the week will get a 99 Overall rating for the entire week in Diamond Dynasty. MLB The Show 23 has confirmed that there will be at least one layer of the week every week for the rest of the regular season.

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