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MLB The Show 23 Legend Reveal Tracker

Bringing the old gems to the new game never hurt anybody

by Ashley Anthony

A new season brings forth new players and legends. MLB The Show 23 will introduce new legends to the game in their latest edition. There are only a few weeks before early access and the official drop of the full release.

So besides Derek Jeter taking up the space on the Collectors Edition, rumour has it many other new legends are coming to The Show 23 and will all be rated 99  — making for exceptional items in Diamond Dynasty. 

MLB The Show 23 New Legend | Mike Lowell
Legendary 3rd Baseman Mike Lowell (Screenshot: MLB The Show 23)

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With the release date fast approaching, MLB The Show 23 have been coming in hot with all of the Feature Premiere, handing the public plenty of material to get us excited for the new title in the franchise. 

To keep our readers updated with the latest legend reveals, we created a list of the announcements made to date and will continue to update it with each legend added to the game. 

MLB The Show 23 New Legend Reveal
Latest Legend introduced to MLB The Show 23: Matt Cain (Screenshot: MLB The Show 23)

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Here are your MLB The Show 23 Legends:

Player PositionRating
Ian KinslerSecond Baseman99 (Unconfirmed)
Mike LowellThird Baseman99 (Unconfirmed)
Greg VaughnLeft Fielder99 (Unconfirmed)
Carlos PeñaFirst Baseman99 (Unconfirmed)
Jake PeavyPitcher99 (Unconfirmed)
Matt CainPitcher99 (Unconfirmed)
MLB The Show 23 Legend Reveal Tracker

MLB The Show 23 New Legend Reveal | Peña
1st Base Legend: Carlos Peña ((Screenshot: MLB The Show 23))

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Six new legends have been introduced to The Show 23 since February, with the latest legendary player revealed on March 9, just before their Thursday night Feature Premiere. The player with legendary status named was pitcher: Matt Cain.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet how many more legends will be joining prior to the game’s worldwide release. And with less than 20 days left before game day, we’re hoping for one every week.

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