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MLB The Show 23 Face Scan Explained

All Players Are One Selfie Closer to Being a Pro Baseballer on The Show 23

by Ashley Anthony
MLB The Show 23 | New Baseball game title 2023

Miami Marlins’ Jazz Chisholm visited the San Diago Studios, sat down with the producer of the graphics team Michael McDonald, and discussed one of the new features coming to us with MLB The Show 23.

This new feature in discussion is one of many new features named by the franchise that is supposed to set it apart from other game titles. What are we talking about? We are talking about MLB The Show 23’s Face Scan. 

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How Does Face Scan Work in MLB The Show 23?

What’s every non-professional player, gamer and fan’s dream? To become a professional athlete in the sports they love most. MLB The Show 23 Face Scan does just that. It takes you as close as possible to your dream. You take your mobile, snap a selfie, and upload it to the game.

To upload the image of your face, you need to link your companion app to your MLB The Show account. If all your accounts are linked, then you’re good to go, and the selfie you just snapped will appear on your account, and you’re ready to start editing yourself in-game. 

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If you’re not happy with how your player looks, no problem. You can do multiple face scans until you are satisfied with the end product. If you want to customize yourself further, you can change your complexion and hairstyle, add a beard, etc. The only aspect of your characteristics that you can’t edit is the shape of your head, as Michael McDonald explains.

Rating the MLB the Show Face Scan Feature: 10/10

For now, this fresh face feature gets a 10 out of 10 because of how close it brings players to the major leagues. However, the jury is still out because only once the game comes out and players start scanning their faces will we be able to see how well it works and how close the resemblance is to the player.

MLB The Show 23 Face Scan is a special improvement for the franchise. One of the main reasons we play sports simulators ’till our fingers are blue and our eyes are red is to be one of the names on the back of the playing sweaters while knocking every ball out of the park.

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