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Minecraft Dungeons Couch Co-Op Guide: How to Play Local Multiplayer

Dungeon crawling is much better with friends

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
Minecraft Dungeons Couch Co-Op Guide How to Play Local Multiplayer

The Minecraft spin-off game where you crawl through dungeons in the style of Diablo and similar action RPGs is much more fun when played with live teammates. Although most will choose to play online, the real fun is of course in the local couch co-op when you and your friends are in front of the same screen shouting at each otrher. So, lets find out how to set up the game in order to play local multiplayer in Minecraft Dungeons.

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Minecraft Dungeons Couch Co-Op Guide: How to Play Local Multiplayer

To play Minecraft Dungeons in local with friends you will first need, well… some friends to come over, and you will need a controler for each one. If you dont have enough controlers you can ask them to bring their own. Also, if you intend on playing on PC, keep in mind that one player can use keyboard/mouse while others need to use controllers too. Comfy couch and a big TV are obligatory!

To start a local “couch” co-op mode:

  1. Select “Offline Game” from the game menu
  2. Let all local players turn on their controllers, log in as guests, and join in
  3. Wait for everyone to select their skins and jump into the game

It is really simple and straightforward.

Finally, it should be added that when you play Minecraft Dungeons in co-op mode, they get much harder, depending on how many players you play with. Also, if you fall in battle, your friends can revive you in 30 seconds, and you can revive them, which is much easier than in a solo game. Keep in mind that in co-op, the collected loot and emeralds will not be shared between players, but your consumables will be shared between your co-op team.

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